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There’s Man Crush Monday, but this rising star could definitely be the ladies’ new Man Crush Everyday. EGL had the pleasure of sitting down with model turned actor Lamon Archey. The California native began his career modeling for major fashion brands such as Macy’s, The Gap, Kohl’s and more. Archey now can be seen in film and on television as he’s currently starring in the iconic American soap opera “Days of Our Lives” playing Eli Grant alongside the legendary Vanessa Williams.

EGL: Hey Lamon. Thank you so much for sitting down with Everything Girls Love. So tell us how your career in modeling and acting started?

Lamon Archey: Growing up, I was always involved in a lot of sports playing baseball, football and stuff. When I moved to Los Angeles and did different modeling gigs, my manager told me to get into some acting classes to get a role on “Days of Our Lives,” and the rest is history.

credit: @LamonArchey

EGL: And tell us what it’s like working on the iconic soap opera show “Days of Our Lives”?

Lamon Archey: Oh man, I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of an amazing cast. We just won an Emmy for Best Drama Series, so I’m so happy about that. But I truly feel blessed to be amongst the greats and learn from them to work on my craft.

EGL: Speaking of greats, we learned that you have worked alongside two iconic ladies in the industry, “Soul Food” actress Vanessa Williams and Beyoncé. How was working with them?

Lamon Archey: Yes! Vanessa Williams plays my mom on “Days of Our Lives” and she’s wonderful. She’s always helpful to me and gives me pointers and advice off set, so I really appreciate her. I worked with Beyoncé back in 2004 for the Destiny’s Child video “Cater 2 U,” and she as well was dope to work with. I didn’t realize how southern her accent was until I heard her voice up close in person, so I found that very interesting about her.

EGL: That’s Houston’s Finest! What and who inspires you every day to keep grinding and going after your dreams?

Lamon Archey: Pretty much my family. My fiancée and my children always inspire me to go harder. I make sure they’re always good. Once they’re good, I’m good.

EGL: And lastly, can you share some advice to up-and-coming models or actors who want to make it big?

Lamon Archey: I would say to definitely get into acting classes and school. We live in a day and age where social media is a new way of fame and there’s a big difference between holding an audience’s attention for 60 seconds versus a whole two hours and connecting their emotions during those two hours, so definitely take some acting classes and work on your craft.

To catch up on Lamon’s latest projects, follow him on his social media platforms, Instagram and Twitter @lamonarhey

Written By: Tiffany Hercules, IG: @JustMissTiff


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