aaaaaaDestined for stardom, $ha of Strikkly Stakkin is ready to make his stamp in the world of Rap and Hip-Hop. Amateurishly rapping since the age of 14, the Staten Island native recently began taking his craft seriously. After gaining the knowledge and resources from studying Business Management & Finance, as well as  interning at Universal Music Group, $ha decided to open a recording studio, Strikkly Stakkin.

EGL recently got the chance to chat with $ha as he dished on releasing his latest EP, expanding his entrepreneurship and were he plans to be in five years.

Read on and learn more about this hip-hop maven!

Everything Girls Love: Sha, you are an up-and-coming artist from New York. Tell our readers more about yourself and your background in music.

Sha Strikkly Stakkin: I began doing music about 10 years ago but I really started to take it seriously 4 years ago. On a professional level, I started by own recording studio called Strikkly Stackkin Studio. I also began my own website called Last year we released a single called “Patrick Ewing,” which was all over New York. We just dropped a project called Mr. 225 and that is getting good reviews.

EGL: How would you describe your sound?

Sha: My sound is organic. Everybody say the same thing;  it’s just about who you want to hear it from in this generation. My job is just paint the picture clearer. I want them to choose me as who they want to hear and learn from. Like, Jay-Z, he was the voice of the hustlers, 50 Cent was the voice of the gangsters. Those two were who people wanted to hear from. They where a consumer favorite. I want to became a consumer favorite.

EGL: What voice do you represent? You mentioned Jay being the voice of the hustlers.

Sha: I think I’m the voice of the hustlers for the new generation. Listening to my music, you’ll be able to learn something and understand certain things a little bit better.



EGL: You just released a mixtape Mr. 225. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

Sha: Mr. 225 is a project we’ve be working on for about 2 years. We recording about 50-60 songs but being that it was all original music, we decided to release an EP. So we packaged the eight or nine songs, sent it out and the response has been great.

EGL: I did have the chance to check out your mixtape and “Making Money” was my favorite track. Can you tell us the inspiration behind that track.

Sha: The hook was already embedded in the beat and having the Biggie sample “Making Money, Making Money,” already in there, it was easy to get in that lane. Coming from the streets, you were known to hustle and if you were good at what you do,  thae you were going to make the money.

EGL: If you could work with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be & why?

Sha: I have plans on being a great! If I had the chance, I would have loved to work with Biggie and Pac. I like to always study from the best; I would have been a student, lab rat and just soaking up the energy. Learning how to properly do things and their reasoning on how to approach the records. I would also like to work with Mase, Jermaine Dupri… just all the greats.

EGL: What made you want to start taking music more seriously four years ago?

Sha: I always loved the music industry. In college, I interned at Universal during my last two years. When I graduated college, I decided to open a 99 cent store but my heart wasn’t in it. The store ended up closing four years later. That’s when I decided to open my recording studio and I found myself in there everyday. It didn’t feel like work to me, it felt like something I was supposed to be doing. I encourage anybody to do what you love to do, not what you think is economically going to make sense.

EGL: What Rap or Hip-Hop artist did you listen to growing up?

Sha: Mase, Jay-Z, Cameron, 50, Wu-Tang, Nas, DMX, Pac, Biggie, Ghost Face, Raekwon The Chef, and Noreaga. That era, the music was just more potent; you could tell the artist took more time.

EGL: Where in the industry do you want to be in 5 years?

Sha: On top! I want my record label to be a force to be reckoned with. I even want to push multiple artists out. This is a grind that I feel like I’m definitely going to win in because my heart is 100% in it. I love this business and I just want to be the best!

EGL: How can people check out your EP and keep up with you on social media?

Sha: Everyone can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @SHA225Si. Definitely check out my website and my Facebook “Strikkly HipHop.” You can also listen to my mixtape, Mr. 225 on Datpiff.

Be sure to check out Sha’s new EP, Mr. 225 here.

Interview by: Britney Norris


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