Aye, aye captain! Whether you’re into the rugged style, the uniform military look, or anything in between—it’s undeniable that the military has had an unmistakable impact on fashion. In this edition of Everything Girls Love’s Designer Spotlight, we’re excited to introduce the luxe bowtie designs of U.S. Army Captain and  Eikeon Designer, Ashley Langston.

As a true leader, we salute Langston for not following trends and creating her own lane with luxe bowties for women. We recently had the opportunity to chat with the Eikeon Designer to discuss her luxe bowties, inspos, military life, and more. Check out the interview below:

EGL: What does Eikeon mean? How did you come up with the name?

Eikeon is Ancient Greek for “image”. I pulled the word out of the statement “I am the image of God”. I truly believe that everyone has an authentic and genuine self-image that they express through personal style.

EGL: What inspired you to design bow ties for women?

Neckwear that was designed for women was missing from the fashion industry. Women are brilliant so we will take something meant [for] men and wear it with style and class. I was tired of trying to find bow ties in unique styles and colors, so I decided to just make my own. I felt that it was important for women to have neckwear of their own; made by a woman for a woman. From the silk chiffon fabric choice to the style to the ease of wear; it’s all about the details.

EGL: Can you describe your design process? Materials?

The design process starts at the weirdest times. I might be reading a scripture or working out. Something will come to mind and then I have I research it. Whether it’s a color I had a glimpse of or a feeling that I had. I create a concept in my studio and it becomes connected to a story I have to tell. I have to get it out. My current women’s collection, Esther, came about because I wanted to tell the story of my journey to womanhood. Starting with the nudes for subtlety to navy and grey for strength and maturity. I chose to use the finest of fabrics, primarily silk. I believe that neckwear for both men and women should be of the finest material and that last a lifetime.

EGL: Where do you draw inspiration?

I draw inspiration from every facet of life. I have been to eleven countries through my military service so I’ve been exposed to fashion, art, and architecture from many cultures and time periods. Not everyone gets that opportunity so I like to use that as inspiration while I’m designing. I also create what I would wear and what I want to see on others. Creating is truly where I have a sense of freedom. To me, to be inspired is to be daring and free.

EGL: What makes you different from other designers?

Creativity and business are together at my foundation. It causes me to approach the process from a total concept perspective when I start any project. I have both a degree in Business Administration and nine years of leadership experience. It helps me bring focus, discipline, and attention to detail to the design process. The design process and the collections become seamless.

EGL: Is it difficult being a Soldier/Fashion Designer? Do you find it a struggle to balance the two?

Being a Soldier and a Fashion Designer is the best of both worlds for me. One allows me to be disciplined, focused, and structured. The other allows me to be spontaneous, free, and do whatever comes to mind. It’s an excellent balance. They feed on two different sides of my personality as strengths but also complement each other. At times they both can get overwhelming. Depending on the project, they can both be draining and make me want to quit. And when that happens, I grab my Nikes and go for a run, refocus and try again until I get it right. Struggle presents opportunity to see greater potential in yourself, in others, and in the process.

EGL: What can we expect from your upcoming collection? Men’s collection?

I am so excited about the Men’s Collection. It is passion project that I hold dear to my heart. The men’s collection is my way of honoring the strong and exemplary male relationships that I have in my life. Men to me represent strength, wisdom, courage, and tenacity. Most all GRIT! My inspiration for the collection comes most from my father, papa, uncles and male friends. I truly believe that every man will be able to relate and find a piece of himself in the collection. It will release around Eikeon’s 1-year anniversary in April 2019.

EGL: What do you want the world to know about Eikeon?

I want the world to know that Eikeon is a brand that was founded on authenticity and the genuineness of one’s God given self-image. Through our neckwear, we want our clients to see themselves with dignity, character, and integrity that is unmatched. No matter the occasion, you can express yourself through style with an Eikeon bow tie.

Website: https://www.iameikeon.com/home/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iameikeon

Written By: Brianna Gillard



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