Ke’onna Green maybe a newcomer to the Basketball Wives franchise but she definitely knows a thing or two when it comes to good threads and how to create the perfect balance between work and family. Ke’onna Green and Los Angeles Lakers player, Nick Young, were high school sweethearts who became loving parents to their two beautiful children.

She’s the owner of two successful companies “TNK Hair Studios” and “Young’s Playhouse Clothing.” She still manages to find time for her family and doing the things they love. In our exclusive interview, Green gives us a quick fashion lesson with some life lessons that you can’t beat! So take notes EGL lovers! Be ready to be inspired while ready to shop!

Happy Mothers Day ❤️. God Blessed me with my greatest gifts. My Beautiful Healthy Babies.

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EGL: “LA’s TNK Hair Studio” and “Young’s Playhouse” are two of your business ventures, tell us more about your companies and how you started?

Ke’onna Green: Young’s Playhouse is about a year and a half to two years older than TNK Hair Studio. I’ve always loved fashion and a desire to be different. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism so when I had my son I was out of the working field for a while and felt like I needed to become a working mom again after taking ample time off. In kids fashion, there is boys fashion is missing. I mean there is nothing out there original for young boys. Everywhere you look you see cute pieces and colors for girls. So I say all that to say that not being able to find trendy, fashionable clothes for my son was my inspiration. It was also a sense of pressure put on me. His dad is known as one of the NBA’s fashionable athletes so it simply wouldn’t make sense to not have his son follow his footsteps.

TNK Hair Studio was an additional business venture that kind of just fell in my lap. My mother has s been in the hair business ever since I could remember.  My mother moved from salon to salon when owners thought about relocation or simply closing their business. So this last time the owner was thinking of closing her salon and said she would keep it open if anyone was interested in buying. I told my mother she no longer had to move and I would acquire the salon for her and I to run. So the salon went from Picasso Hair Studio to TNK (Tracy Nick Keonna) Hair Studio.  I’m still in the process of remodeling the salon fitting to my style but it’s up and running and doing well.

EGL: Besides being a mom to your beautiful son and daughter, you’re the owner of two companies and on this season of VH1’s Basketball Wives of LA. How do you find a balance between work and home?

Ke’onna Green: It’s very important to make time for your children. My schedule could be all over the place but I make sure to map out my week at the beginning of the week and save one day out of the week and one day out the weekend to do things that they love to do. I don’t allow the dramas that occur at work to carry on at home. I think I’ve mastered not bringing work issues into my personal space. After all, I look forward to going home and seeing my children’s beautiful faces especially when I’ve had a bad day at the office.

EGL: This is your first season of BBWLA, you brought a very different vibe to the show that we love! How was it letting the world inside of your life that you manage to keep so private?

Ke’onna Green: First off, Thank you. I was a little concerned with how I would look this season especially since I felt like the world hated me last year. When it was revealed that I was pregnant with Nick’s second child (someone close to me leaked that information), I was a little shocked but I told myself I would remain quiet. However, stories started coming out about me, paparazzi walking up to my front door, even following me around while I ran my daily errands. It  became overwhelming and I felt like I needed to clear the air  with a certain publication. That didn’t go as planned so I made a second attempt with BBWLA. By this time I mentally prepared myself for any negativity that was going to come my way. I realized that people are going to believe and say things no matter what your truth is and I should say my truth, clear the air and be done. Throughout this entire process my kids were all I could think about especially with the cyber world constantly evolving, I would hate for them to read negative things about their mother without their mother speaking up for herself. Right now, I think I can stay quiet about my personal life when it comes to Nick and I and talk about other things I have going on with positive publications like this one.

EGL: We often found ourselves style crushing this season when it came to your fashion, how would you describe your personal style?

Ke’onna Green: My personal style is classy/chic. I love a simple look with a little bit of pizazz.  I’m also sporty. Ii didn’t start wearing heels until I graduated college. I’m willing to try different styles as long as I feel like it’s not way out of my element.

Denim on Denim done the right way! We love this combo head to toe!

Dressed in all black for the kill! Ke’Onna style is simplicity with an overdose of chic!

EGL:There are women out there who are huge fans of yours that dream of balancing a successful career and a family. What is some advice that you can give to women who are trying to create a healthy balance between the two?

A support system and a positive mindset is very vital. Never overwork yourself and most importantly believe in yourself. There are a lot of people who would love to see you fail. Being discouraged may happen but you’ll be more upset if you quit rather than fighting through the difficult times. Most importantly: prayer, it changes everything! – Ke’onna green

EGL:What can we expect to see from you in the near future? Any fashion ventures or collaborations?

Ke’onna Green:I was working on a Daddy and Me clothing line but things changed. I am looking to revamp Young’s Playhouse with more girl clothing even design some pieces since I have a daughter and add more kids sizes since my son is growing so fast. I would also like to work on a Brick and Mortar by next summer. My mind is constantly running and the possibilities are endless!

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A little silk mixed with Louis Vuitton monogram print is always a great idea!

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Ke’Onna Green Instagram @keonnanecole Retrieved July 1, 2017

Neutral colors for a bold fashion statement! Givenchy Shark Lock boots for the finishing touch!

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Ke’Onna Green Instagram @keonnanecole Retrieved July 1, 2017

This monochromatic casual look is our favorite! With a pop of red  x Chanel for the win!

Being a mom, a successful business women, an impeccable dresser all while maintaining substance is all the reasons why Ke’onna is our favorite over here at EGL! You can catch Ke’onna this season every Monday on VH1’s BBWLA 8pm EST!.

Ready to adjust your crown? Put on your cape and take on the world after our chat with Ms.Green? Comment below!

Written By: January Jones



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