Ashlee Muhammad is one of Harlem’s many fashion gems. A fashion stylist, designer/owner of the brand “BeEyeConic”, self-love enthusiast, wife and mom. She’s one of the style curators at the legendary Harlem Haberdashery Boutique.  She was born blind in one eye and as a result, her left eye is a blue-greyish color. She remembers growing up very insecure and wanting badly to look like everyone else. Ashlee simply wanted to fit in.

After hearing her story and obsessing over her style, Ashlee M. was the perfect match for an EGL fashion one on one! This beauty’s goals go beyond the threads. She wants to show the world through her work and designs that self-love is more important than anything! “Just love yourself the way you are! The way God meant you to be,” was one of the things that stood out the most during our convo. And sometimes we need to be reminded of that! She’s definitely changing the world with her powerful message behind her “BeEyeConic” line.

EGL: You’re creating some fashion fave moments from Coachella to the MET Gala. How did your love for fashion begin?

Ashlee M: Just knowing really good people and having them believe in my talent! So for Coachella, I was a stylist assistant for “Binkie” who was in a group and a former dancer before entering the fashion game. She sort of got pushed into the fashion world during her music career. he saw my talent and believed in me so she brought me on for the job. We got to style Cardi B’s dancers for Coachella, SNL and Jimmy Fallon. And as far as the MET Gala, I got to be a stylist assistant with Jason Rembert who’s another dope stylist in the game! I got to assist/shadow for Winnie Harlow.

EGL: Describe your personal style?

Ashlee M: Ummm I would describe my personal style as comfortable. Because comfort is key to me, if I’m not comfortable,if I can’t move around it and it’s not functional where I can’t do my everyday errands in then I’m probably not gone to wear it!

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EGL: Your fashion line  “BeEyeConic” is one of our favorites over here at EGL! How did you come up with the name for your brand?

Ashlee M: My line is very purpose driven. I like to do things that are very conscious and very aware, as far as the message I want to spread out to the world, which is always positivity. With my latest icon tees, the point of them having earlier/older  images of celebrities when they were younger like absolutely gorgeous and fresh who maybe didn’t see how the world perceive them before making changes to their image and they also did a lot to shift the culture.

EGL: As a reminder to the world. The beauty of the beginning stages of those iconic individuals.

Ashlee M: Right that’s why I’m having a Pop-Up shop September 8th in my hometown, Harlem, at Harlem Haberdashery NYC. I’m going to debut one with a picture of myself as a little girl, because if I could sit down with my younger self I would tell her that it would be ok even when she thought it wasn’t going to be! I would describe my line as very process driven with a message that you don’t have to do all those things to disfigure your body or change anything because you are perfect the way you are!

EGL: I love it! How did you come up with the name “BeEyeConic”?

Ashlee M: I was having a conversation about three years ago with Tionna Smalls. When I took my first shot at making clothes she was one of the first people that loved what I did and so I got to make her a really dope shirt for  Luda Weekend event years ago. Maybe 10 years ago. So she and I were having a conversation and I told her I want to take this very serious with my eye and this brand, I want to brand myself and take it to the next level.e were just brainstorming and as we were doing that I was like what about “BeEyeConic” or something like that? And she was like yes “That’s it! That’s perfect”. I wanted my brand to be something iconic, to have a stamp and mean something while standing the test of time. Like when you think of an icon, you think of Beyoncé as an icon! Michael Jackson is an icon so I wanted my brand to have that same effect because I want it to be for people. I want them to know they can be iconic! So, of course, we did a play on the letter “E-Y-E-conic”.

EGL: And it goes with the whole concept of your shirts! As far as the spelling and having this iconic figures on these t-shirts and your logo going across the icon’s eyes!

Ashlee M.: Right!

EGL: What’s your most memorable fashion moment thus far?

Ashlee M:  I would have to say my most memorable fashion moment has to be Coachella. And I’ll tell you why. Of course in the fashion world, the MET Gala is on a much bigger scale than Coachella. The CFDA Awards, which I got to work as well, those are big accomplishments. However, Coachella was a dream of mine since I young. My best friend and I would always say we are gonna to save up our money and do a cross-country road trip to attend Coachella. I had not made it there yet so to have it all happen within a matter of days because we did so well styling for Jimmy Fallon and SNL they were like we need y’all to come to LA for Coachella. I could have literally peed on myself because I never imagined going and especially for work! To be backstage! That in itself was surreal to me!

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EGL: Oh My God! I can imagine! New York City/ Uptown was definitely in the building you and Cardi B being from Harlem and the Bronx.

Ashlee M: Yes exactly! So going to Coachella and working to date has to be my most memorable fashion moment.

EGL: We love to ask our fashion greats “What’s in your bag?” What are some have items in your bag that you can not leave home without?

Ashlee M:
Ummm, my charger! I have to have Carmex, which is sort of like Blistex. I can’t leave the house without that! I always keep a Sephora “Always Red” lipstick in my bag.

EGL: If you had a chance to style any celebrity who would it be and why?

Ashlee M: Absolutely, it would be Beyoncé! And it would be because she’s just that bish! She’s amazing. I LOVE what she stands for and she’s an outstanding entertainer who’s incredibly talented. I really don’t know much about her personal life but I feel that her opening up with the world and letting us in especially with her relationship with Jay Z is very commendable of her because it lets other women know we aren’t alone. That’s the same thing I try to do with my brand. And of course, she has twins like I have twins! Lol

EGL: Yes and a daughter like you! Lol

Ashlee M: Yes twins and a daughter! Lol and I think we have so much to talk about and the styling experience would be amazing!

EGL: Mommy and me outfits maybe?
Ashlee M: Yes exactly like a dope mom collaboration!

EGL: A wife, a supermom, an entrepreneur, fashion stylist, designer. These are just some of the many hats you wear. How do you find a balance between family and managing a successful career?

Ashlee M: So you know the new feature on Instagram where your followers can ask you questions? People always ask me this! And I have to be very honest because as for anything else, I want people to know they are not alone. Sometimes you can not manage it all! You can’t! Sometimes I get last minute calls like you have to be in LA. Like Coachella, I had to be there for two weeks, which meant I’m not home with my husband and my kids. I’m not getting to cook them dinner. However the lessons in that, I share with them that I’m not doing it for fun I’m doing it for the greater purpose and I’m trying to prove to them and show them in life you can have anything you want if you put your mind to it and put the work in! So sometimes you’re not going to be able to balance them all equally! But  I try to make sure I am present. My kids know Mommy loves them! Mustafa knows his wife loves him! My husband works so well with me and we are such good partners; we even make schedules!

EGL: Multitasking and time managing. Teamwork.

Ashlee M: Yes, exactly teamwork! Even though I get to do this amazing job that I have as a career every day that doesn’t take away from being a mom and a wife and I want the best for them.

EGL: What can we expect from “BeEyeConic” in the near future?

Ashlee M:  I’m still working very hard to produce my “Cut and Sew” line. It’s hard to juggle both when trying to do styling and the apparel line. But I’m going to come with some dope, funky and quirky stuff that will hopefully be completed by the pop-up shop. I’m coming out with new bags and new hoodies. Just fun cool new things!

Do you not feel inspired? Do you not just love Ashlee M. as much as we do?

Be sure to visit and shop with Ashlee Muhammad September 8th, 2018 at Harlem’s Haberdashery Boutique
245 Lenox Avenue
New York, NY 10027

Written By: January Jones | | @justabrooklyngyrl_



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