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“You have to go get what you prayed for, you have to go get what you dreamed…” -TiZ

Forest City, North Carolina native, TiZ (born Raymond Phillips), recently dropped his first single “Laced” released by Soundtrak Music Group from his unreleased freshman studio-project entitled, Leap of Faith, and it is real nice. The rising hip-hop star puts his own flare on top of “Late” by Kanye West as a way to pay homage to Yeezy and the prolific era of sample-heavy music; the ‘90s. Leap of Faith is a follow-up to TiZ’s Pre Leap of Faith mixtape hosted by DJ Proe. We had the opportunity to speak with TiZ about his forthcoming project and to get to know who he is as a breakthrough artist from North Carolina.

After a brief introduction, the interview started right away. We asked, what was it like growing up?

“I grew up in a small town called Forrest City, North Carolina, I’m the oldest of 4 siblings… Music was definitely in the household… My mother, she sang a lot.”

TiZ jumped into the art of hip-hop around the age of 14-years-old.

  “Me and my cousins made a little mixtape and passed it around in high school…”

The first track he ever blessed lyrics to was 50 Cent’s “Back Down” (Get Rich or Die Trying).

“It’s easy to see when you look at me.. (as he sings)… that was the first thing I ever wrote to..”

As the interview progressed, TiZ shared with us that he became a father at the age of 15-years-old.

“I had a child early in high school, so that definitely changed my perspective on a lot of things.. It made things a whole lot tougher.”

This was definitely not a setback for the MC, but fueled his grind and the need to be a father who empowers his young lady.

Growing up, TiZ was more into sports. After high school, he attended a small college in Radford, Virginia where he played basketball. TiZ really started taking his career serious when he moved to Charlotte, NC from college and dropped his “baby”, “Hello Summer”, which is his first original song produced by a local producer named Jay. “Hello Summer” was picked up on the popular station platforming the college lifestyle, community happenings and emerging artists, MTVU.

“I came on the scene like the new kid.. (haha)..” 

In reference to his venture of accomplishing his steadfast dream as a hip-hop influencer, TiZ began to work with an artist named Tiny T who introduced him to the locally popular ‘One Mic Mondays’ hosted by JayKnowTruth. He also hosted various events in NC, performed at other various music showcases and was previously a part of Mac Miller‘s Most Dope Tour.

Although TiZ felt the love from his hometown, like many other rappers who are from a small town, moving to a city like New York has proven to be more impactful due to their historical infrastructure for the music culture. It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone TiZ’s influences are profound artists such as: Kanye West, Hova (Jay Z), Coldplay, Michael Jackson, North Carolina native J. Cole, and a few others. You can hear remnants from these artists in his projects. TiZ even sounds like Eminem in some ways as well.

“Honestly, I am inspired by music in general. Even from my first single, “No Hobby”, it’s very musical.”

When asked about the current state of hip-hop, He stated:

“I feel that the necessary pieces are there but I feel the unnecessary pieces are being glorified. The meat and the potatoes are there.” Tiz shed his thoughts towards the social state of society now-a-days by stating, “My thing is to inspire people to speak outside of the box. (You either have to be someone the world wants you to be) or you’re a thug.”

According to TiZ, he has been pursuing his rap career seriously for over 6 to 7 years and the project embodies that.

“Leap of Faith is my story.. it’s a story of me leaving home and coming here (New York).”

TiZ has teamed up with DJ Proe for a second round to give the world something extra special with his official freshman project, Leap of Faith, which is projected to be released in Fall 2016. The rising star puts his freestyle down heavy over a gang of raw instrumentals on Pre Leap of Faith mixtape and fans can download it now.

Check out the repeat worthy track “Laced” by TiZ:

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Written By: Keandra “Ke’Ke” Scott



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