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A sea of black will take over the metropolitan pavilion in just a week! Ok, that might be a little dramatic of an explanation but when beauty professionals from the makeup world come together for the makeup show that’s exactly what you will see. If you don’t know what’s happening May 7th & 8th I’m here to tell you it’s the biggest thing happening in the makeup world in NYC which is The Makeup Show (TMS). TMS will make its way to NYC after hitting cities like Chicago and Orlando. Can we say EXCITED?!

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If you aren’t familiar with TMS let me give you a little background. This show is where makeup professionals at all levels can shop with serious pro discounts, receive makeup education and fellowship with other artists. TMS website even states the makeup professionals can explore business strategies and opportunities during the forums and keynotes as well as network with Brand executives and CEOs. It’s safe to say this is a makeup artist’s ultimate playground.  Even though it’s a pro event it is a way for artists to keep in touch with the latest trends and enhance their skills so they can be a better asset to you, the client.

Insert Pic C(pic monkey photo) Photo Taken by Tish Ferguson/ Photographed Lauren Lindo/ Makeup by Tish Ferguson using Danessa Myricks Enlight Powder in Love on the Cheeks (Can be found at www.DanessaMyricks.com for $20) and Body Radiance in the color Deep Gold from Gleam By Melanie Mills. (Can be found at www.gleambymelaniemills.com starting at $14)

There will be major brands for artists to stock up on like my favorites Enlight powders by Danessa Myricks and Body Glow from Gleam by Melanie Mills. There will also be a chance to engage with black owned business such as AJ Crimson and take a look at the amazing products he has developed that focus on brown girls.

Insert Pic D (Photo taken by Rickey Allen/ Photographed: Dominque Cunningham /Makeup By Tish Ferguson using AJ Crimson Dual Skin Foundation)

TMS will be jam packed with beauty gems that other professionals will drop for the 2 days. On Sunday at 4pm there will be “The Makeup Show Town Hall” where artists like Merrell Hollis and Renny Vasquez will be on a panel with 3 other artists speaking about the industry and their experience. The keynotes are full of great information to help advance your career. There will also be seminars that will help the professional assist their clients look their best such as Deshawn Hatchers seminar on Sunday at 9:30am which is titled “Ebony and Ivory: A Flawless Face for Every Race”. This class will be sure to help the artist expand and elevate their artistry.

Insert Pic E (photos from The makeup show 2016 from www.themakeupshow.com)
Insert Pic F (photo taken from www.themakeupshow.com)

I would like to give a huge round of applause to James Vincent who is the Director of Artistry for TMS. He has worked so hard at putting together an amazing event for the makeup artist professional over the years and this year he has out done himself! Get your tickets now so you can be a part of this beautiful experience. See you there.

Tish Ferguson- Celebrity Makeup Artist- IG: @tish_ferguson – www.tishferguson.com


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