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“The Medic”


Navy Hospital Corpsman, Certified Medical Assistant, Student, Fitness Coach
Chicago, IL


Michael “The Medic” Loyd enjoys serving his country as a certified Hospital Corpsman, but he’s also more than willing to serve the queen of his castle. Michael’s tatted physique will resuscitate your heart, body and mind, keeping you in good working condition. He has a passion for life! Take a look and if you’re willing, he will take you on the ride of your life.


EGL: What characteristics are you looking for in a woman?
Michael: “The characteristics I look for in a woman is that she must be honest with me and herself; being spontaneous, able to adapt to any environment is a plus. I also hope to meet a supportive and goal orientated lady; understanding progression and how to move forward in life is very important to me.”

EGL: What is your best quality?
Michael: “I would have to say I can’t choose just one. I’m passionate about life and love. I consider myself to be ambitious, intellectual and dependable. If a man isn’t intellectual or dependable how can he be a good help/mate to the lady in his life? Those are good qualities of not only a good man but a leader as well.”

EGL: What is your ideal of a perfect date?
Michael: “My ideal of a perfect date is good vibes and good food. Having a beautiful, positive woman gazing into my brown eyes while feeding her is perfect enough for me.”

EGL: What is your life meme picture and quote?
Michael: “If I had to create my life meme with a quote; I would choose a picture of a heart. Not the one that is drawn or used for Valentine’s Day; I would use a picture of an actual heart organ. My quote would read: “Joy wouldn’t feel as good without pain.”

EGL: How important is sex when you’re dating a woman?
Michael: “I’m going to be honest (chuckles). Sex is important when I’m dating a woman because it creates an intimate closeness. I’m huge on fitness and the release of endorphins in the brain during a pleasurable sexual experience not only allow you to enjoy the climax even better, but also trigger positive feelings.”

EGL: Boxers or briefs?
Michael: “I would have to say briefs; they have more support.” *wink*

EGL: In your opinion, what do you think is the biggest mistake women make when dating?
Michael: “Some women try to dominate the relationship and I get it. If you’re a single mother taking care of your business it can be a little difficult to become submissive. I don’t want a submissive woman; I want a balanced woman. A lady that can allow a man to lead and just go with the flow but also contributes her suggestions without being domineering.”

EGL: Why are you single?
Michael: “Patience is the hardest lesson learned. I’m willing to wait for the right woman. I don’t want to rush into a relationship with someone and find that we have nothing in common and aren’t able to build together. That’s neither fair to her or myself.”

EGL: If you had roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the world with the woman in your life, where would to take her?
Michael: “Wow, anywhere? I would say the future. Not the rapper; but our future so that she could get a glimpse of the life I prepared for her.”

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Written By: K. Kares


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