Courtesy of Kenneth Williams 2016


“Body By Ken”


Personal Trainer
Virginia Beach, VA


Kenneth “Body By Ken” Williams is not only equipped to train your body but he is ready and willing to train your heart! This Sagittarius man isn’t all muscles and no brain. After graduating from Campbell University, obtaining a degree in business management, Ken went on start a successful fitness boot camp for women. More than a prosperous entrepreneur, Ken enjoys practicing philanthropy by giving back to his community through many charities.

Kenneth defines himself as a lovable, free spirited man. He’s versatile and delight in water sports, horseback riding and skydiving. The woman Ken wants to date must be spontaneous and adventurous. She must have a passion for health and fitness as well. Meeting a woman who is comfortable and secure in her own skin is also very important to Ken since his business revolves around helping women achieving their fitness goals.

The three main qualities Kenneth desires in a woman are ambition, passion and sincerity. So what’s the real reason this handsome Hershey kiss is still single? “I put my career first,” he explained. Ken is a successful king waiting to meet his queen!

Ladies, if you’re interested in Kenneth “Body By Ken” Williams, email us today at!

Written By: K. Kares


  1. This was good Kimberly! Great job again!! Oh and see if he can start training us too! We can always use some chocolate motivation at the gym!! Lol


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