received_10201294415157886Eligible Chicago bachelor, Jamaal, resides in the Chicago-land area. In his early 30’s, he is a photographer by profession, but is also a guy that likes to joke and have fun when he is not hard at work. Check him out!

EGL:  Where are you from?

Jamaal: I was born in Chicago, and now live in the south suburbs of the city.

EGL:  You are a photographer.  What about this art, captivated you to pursue it?

Jamaal: I lost a few friends and family members earlier in life, and noticed how hard it was to find pictures of them. All we have left after a person is gone are the memories, whether mental or tangible. My thought process is, I’m in the business of creating tangible memories to be held on to for decades. I absolutely love to present clients with photos from their shoot or event and see the joy on their faces as they relive the moment. As disconnected as the world has become, one thing we can’t replace is memories.

EGL:  What turns you on most about a woman?

Jamaal: My number one turn on about a woman is the way she carries herself. Self respect, confidence and can draw attention without necessarily “doing” anything all while fully dressed.  There’s nothing like it.

EGL:  What are some of your turn offs?

Jamaal: Biggest turn off is overuse of social media. I hate dating someone who can’t take their face out of their phone because they have to update every move, or check in, or tweet, and even take pictures of the food or drink.  One ends up doing so much on the phone, they never get to enjoy the moment or make a connection. I hate drama and arguing. Smoking is a true turn off. More than anything, me being a man with no kids, I watch how women treat their children.  Women who seem to be unsuitable parents get the boot faster than any of the aforementioned.

EGL: How do you feel about relationships today?

Jamaal: There are still some wholesome and well built relationships around.  However, the whole dating and relationship scene is so watered down.  Everybody sleeps with everybody, men don’t know how to “court” anymore, and women don’t know their worth. Couples allow social media posts and “likes” to come between what they’ve built, and so called reality TV is full of junk. Rarely are there positive relationships shown.

EGL:  Are you open to dating now? Or do you want to remain single for awhile?

Jamaal: I’m very open to the idea of dating. I date now. My flaw is that I’m very focused on growing my business and I think that hinders my dating ability.  I’m getting older, and would like to find that special someone soon.

Ladies, if you are interested in Jamaal, please send an email to: today!

Written by: Chanelle Woods



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