D Cope 3Fitness trainer and Herbalife coach Derrick Copeland would make a very suitable bachelor one day. The Ann Arbor, MI native and entrepreneur sat with EGL to let us know why he is a great choice.

EGL: What makes you a great catch?

Derrick: I don’t know that I’d define myself as a ‘great’ anything, but I am a genuine person, with a heart that seems too big at times.

EGL: Every man has slightly different views on women. What attracts you to a woman the most?

Derrick: There are a few qualities I like, but these are the qualities that attracts me most: I enjoy a driven woman with ambition. I enjoy hearing women speak about something they’re passionate about as it relates to growth.

EGL: What is a turn off for you?

Derrick: A turn off is a complacent woman, as well as a self-centered woman. I’m not fond of overly opinionated women who have to speak on everything.

EGL: Are you currently seeking a relationship at this time? Or are you into just casually dating?

Derrick: I’m fresh out of a very long relationship, so at the moment I haven’t began to date again. I’ve been focused on becoming a better man.

EGL: If a woman were interested in you, what is the best way for her to get your attention?

Derrick: If a woman were interested in me, I think a direct approach would be the best way to address me. I’m a pretty easy person to talk to, even though many think I look intimidating.

Ladies, if you’re interested in Marcus, email us at doreal@everythinggirlslove.com today!

Written By: Chanelle Woods


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