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Is dating while being married a crime? Some say that there is a moral code of conduct, others say it’s fine. Many think that there is a line of respect that has to be drawn. Others say since the marriage is at its end, we might as well take it there. Is the sanctity of marriage at a dead end?

Phrases like, “The marriage has been dead for years”, or “We haven’t been happy for some time”, are brought up a lot and hold a lot of weight when it comes to the decision to date while married. Those phrases may be 100 percent true, but the fact of the matter is, regardless of what is happening in the marriage, you are still married. If you want to date and be free get a divorce. It’s fairly simple.

There is a difference between being a participant in a failed marriage and a failing marriage. A failed marriage is past tense. The damage is done. In a failing marriage there is time to put the pieces back together with the proper work.

“If there is a separation in place and work being done to repair the relationship there should be obviously be no dating,” said Tasha, 29 and married.

“If we’re taking a break from each other to see if we’re meant to be together, we have to date other people to see if we end up back together,” confessed Josh, 31 and single.

If you have to date someone else while you’re married, marriage probably isn’t for you. The mere thought of your spouse being in an intimate setting with another person possibly thinking of a future without you, should kill you. If that’s not the case, while you’re figuring out if you’ll end up back together or if you’re meant to be, let them find the person who feels that way about them.

Ultimately, dating is for single people. Date nights with your spouse is for married couples. Marriage is a union that should be taken seriously. A bond that shouldn’t be questioned or entered into with if’s or maybe’s.

Written By: Faith Stewart


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