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Retrieved via Instagram via @kyliejenner on 02/22/2016
Retrieved via Instagram via @kyliejenner on 02/22/2016

The war between Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner seems endless!

Business seems to be booming for Kylie Jenner: she currently has a clothing line, Puma deal, makeup line, her own app, and now a cooking show! She posted a clip of her first episode of her brand new cooking show from her website and official app.

The video includes Kylie making candied yams and has friend/sous chef Victoria as a special guest. Kylie, of course, explains how to make the amazing side dish, and also mention that you should use organic ingredients.

All of Kylie’s fans were excited about her new cooking show, but there was at least one person that wasn’t reportedly happy… Blac Chyna!

Chyna wanted everyone to know Kylie isn’t the first chef “linked to the Kardashian family,” by uploading her cooking Instagram page called “Cooking With Chyna,” which was made months ago. Her page includes several videos, and photos of how to cook different meals. She captioned the photo: “B**ch Bye, Follow @cookingwithchyna #InfatuatedWithChy.”

Retrieved via Instagram @blacchyna on 02/22/2016
Retrieved via Instagram @blacchyna on 02/22/2016

Kylie has yet to respond to Chyna, but its worth noting that Rob has reportedly lost 40 pounds since he began dating Chyna from working out and eating healthy!

Maybe the Kardashians can make room for two chefs in the family.

By: Adia Taylor


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