You can’t please everyone, and if you thought different, you are only setting yourself up for a lifetime of disappointment. It’s unfortunate that many times when something hurtful is being said it’s coming from those who are closest to us. But if you knew how to mentally block out what’s being said without allowing your emotions to instigate an even bigger issue (that may put you in harm’s way), then you have won the battle! Do you want to come out on top? Well check out these tips.

You’ve Got The Power!

It’s hard and at times it can seem impossible, but you can do it! Anytime something negative is said about you– whether it’s coming from a third party or it’s being told directly to your face– you have the power to control what you allow to get under your skin. The power consists of you filtering what is worth speaking on (respectfully) and what needs to be disregarded as a whole.

Sifting Through The Sh*t

When it comes to BS, why even bother? If it’s something not worth saving or giving energy to then it’s pointless altogether. Setting up a mental block and boundary of the things you are willing to entertain and move past is a great way to eliminate unnecessary issues.

Just Like Brewed Coffee

What’s the point in saving brewed coffee after you’ve gotten what you want? The rest is disposable! Certainly no one is going to make a fresh cup of joe out of used ground coffee beans, so why try to make good out of a situation that has already been brewed and served to you with the intent of causing you harm? Let it go! More than likely, it’s stale and all that’s going to do is give you an upset stomach or open up a can of your own coffee called, “Whoop Ass.”

Foreseeing and overlooking the trouble that is headed your way is a form of sifting through the things that are going to have a negative impact on your peace of mind. You have way more positive things to focus on.


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