Photo Credit: [untitled photo of girl with mirror]. (N.D.) Retrieved April 27, 2016 from
Photo Credit: [untitled photo of girl with mirror]. (N.D.) Retrieved April 27, 2016 from
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” is a saying you have heard many times before, but media teaches our young black girls differently. Media has so many black girls very confused. Our girls struggle with self-love because they often don’t see images that look like them. Media can destroy them and cause them to hate their appearance. For this not to happen it is every woman’s responsibility to teach their daughters to love themselves and not let media dictate their beauty. You can teach daughter about beauty by doing the following:

  1. Tell your daughter she is beautiful. From birth your daughter must hear that they are beautiful. This one word will build their confidence. Knowing they are beautiful and believing it before they begin to interact with more than just family members will empower her.
  2. Teach your daughter that it’s okay to admire other girls and women, but they do not have to look or be just like them. Teach her to admire more than their looks, learn to also admire a woman’s character, too.
  3. Be your daughter’s role model. Show her how to standout and strive for excellence. Model how to be confident and to be original. Teach her to love her culture and to respect others. Show her that she is and can be the definition of beauty. Teach her to be a leader and to never dim her light for anyone.

Self-love is a powerful thing. When you teach your daughter to have self-worth, she will realize nothing can stop her. Your daughter will have confidence to set high standards for herself and the people they associate with. When you don’t let media define your daughter’s beauty she will go from your little princess to the amazing queen you developed. She will show the world that beauty is more than what media portrays.

Written By: Tiffani Casurra, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic



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