Have you ever been confronted by an associate who was informed about your opinion of them? You may not have said anything harsh or disrespectful, but you definitely chimed in and gave your two cents when their name came up! And because of that, you found yourself backpedaling and trying to explain your side. How did you get yourself into this drama? How do you get out of it? And how can you avoid this from happening again? Continue reading to find out.

Diffuse The Discussion

If someone is speaking ill or disrespectful of an acquaintance, friend or family member, the best thing you can do at that moment and time is say, “I don’t feel comfortable discussing this,” and remove yourself from the environment. That’s about as clear as you can be. Or you can try to find ways that can turn negative statements into something positive by reminding them of the good the person has contributed to their lives and the lives of others if it’s worth it. But removing or excusing yourself would probably be the easiest option.

Plead the 5th

You may be questioned for your opinion and thoughts on the situation and a great response to that is “No comment!” This will help you to avoid having things thrown back up in your face in the future if and when word gets back to the person who is being spoken of. The worst thing to do is have your words contorted, but if nothing was said then words cannot be mixed and mangled creating an even messier situation.

Free Yourself

Simply remove yourself from those person’s lives or better yet remove them from yours! If you’re noticing that your time is constantly being taken up by a person who is continuously negative and backbiting about others than you most definitely should rid yourself of the drama and wasted energy.

Remaining quiet, neutral or dismissing yourself from a negative discussion is how you will avoid being a player in a game of gossiping!




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