Everyone loves a good talk about what goes down in the bedroom. It’s common for us women to go all out with the moaning, screaming and scratching if our guy is hitting the right spots. But does a man moaning or making noises during sexual activities emasculate him? When they’re silent, does that mean we’re not pleasing them? Or could it be some fear of embarrassment of being viewed as feminine? We asked some of the fellas on Twitter how they feel about making noises in the bedroom.

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it moaning but yeah, I do. It feels great, truthfully. Whatever we got going on at the moment is creating a sensation that feels amazing.”  -@Ohiafterdark

“I won’t say I moan, but I grunt when the head is fire for sure.”  -@F*ckKorin



Ladies, don’t you just hate it when you’re all into the moment, thinking you’re giving your best game, then– BOOM! Silence. Here’s what some of the ladies on Twitter had to say.



Society has normalized their own personal definitions of femininity and masculinity, and moaning tends to fall on the feminine end of the spectrum. It varies with different men, but if they were more aware of how much women dig it, they’d probably ease up a bit.

What are your thoughts about men making noises in the bedroom? Share your comment below!


Written By: Daion Stanford

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