Multiple failed relationships are one thing and can be viewed as a negative experience, but what if a child was conceived in every one of those relationships? Does birthing multiple babies by several different men determine a woman’s worth? The short answer is no, and understanding a woman’s emotional standpoint might be the easiest way to break this down.

She’s a hopeless romantic.

So her dream guy turned out to be more of a nightmare, but a beautiful child came out of the relationship. And though her heart was broken, she picked up the pieces and moved on with her life, while holding on to her mother’s words of encouragement, “God has someone better.” Eventually she meets who she presumes to be Mr. Right, but after a year of no commitment, a bunch of games, and another child, she realizes that he’s every bit of Mr. Wrong! Yet and still, mama pushes along, repeating the same pattern, believing in her heart that she’ll find her true love one day.

Despite the circumstance, she sees her blessing.

Even with several failed relationships, this mother literally sees the bright side of things when she looks into the big button eyes of her children. Her mother’s words, “Those children are God’s blessing,” resonate with her every day. And though she’s experienced enough heartache for a life time, she recognizes that God doesn’t make mistakes; He made her a mother of several kids for a reason, and she’s more than capable of being the best mother she can be.

She’s focused on the kids.

This mama absolutely adores her children. She strives to meet their every want and need, not allowing her personal failures to affect her children’s quality of life. And while most look at her side ways when they hear how many kids and baby daddies she has, she prides herself on knowing that her kids are loved and well-taken care of.

So what is she worth?


Everything. Instead of turning our noses up at women with multiple children and babies’ fathers, we should be applauding them for pushing on despite what they’ve been through. Be it purposeful procreation, or simply a series of bad relationships, a woman who is taking care of business and providing for her family deserves our respect any day; no matter what we think of her personally.

Here at EGL, we are a community of various types of women. Where we find common ground is that we are about our business, whatever that business might be. That being said, we take pride in supporting our fellow EGL sisters, knowing that they will always be better than their circumstances.

To the women who can personally relate to the mother that we’ve described here, know that you are worth it. Breakups happen every day, but being blessed with a child from any relationship is only a reminder that love conquers all!

Written By: Tahanee

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  1. Completely disagree…whether its multiple “baby daddy’s” or several children with the same loser…..a woman that truely loves herself first would NOT continue to make the same exact mistakes over and over and over again. Now money, makes things a lot different. In the case of Laura, some might argue there’s a nice check involved too. I get so tired of females complaining about how horrible of a father the dude is, how horrible of a boyfriend he is but stay pipping out babies… Or stay piping out the same kind of mans babies. If you knew better you’d do better.

    • Your opinion is highly judgemental and certainly comes from your belief that you are more honourable than the rest. Why were you reading this article in the 1st place, what brought you to it? Is what I want to know!

  2. I love this article. My sister would always drill this into my head but somehow I always felt like a statistic. I have a 15 year and a 7 year old and believe I stayed in my last relationship past the expiration date because I didn’t want to walk away with another kid and and no man. I’ve always been the provider/bread winner. Although I have a great career and salary as an Accountant, and always been able to provide for my children with or without a man I was always worried about how others would view me or guys would think she’s crazy that’s why she don’t have a man.Truth is I’ve always been the one to carry a family and these men were not rising to my occasion. My daughters are getting older and I don’t want them to see their mama settling. I mean how can I teach them right from wrong or reprimand them without having to hear “well mom you did it” I swear those words would crush me. The more time has past the more I realize what they think of me is way more important than whay others think. Thanks for the article. Makes me feel really good inside. 🙂

  3. I’m in tears as I read this blog because I too have several children with several different “baby daddies”. Although I’ve made some bad relationship choices, I’ve always put my children first and given them the best life in my ability. I can’t begin to explain the amount of shaming I’ve endured over the years. So I want to just say thank you for this was both very touching and encouraging.

  4. I’m a single mother of two s 14 year old daughter and a 10 month old son. Both my kids were a product of living relationships that went soar somewhere along the line. Both instances in my mind were forever but time told me a different story. But in no way shape or form will I give up on love and the chance to one day find my king to possible bare more children with if he wants. But until then I’m focused on loving me more than anything else along with my beautiful kids. This doesn’t make me less of a woman worthy of true love and happiness. My king will find me when the lord sees fit that I’m ready for h and all he brings and he is ready for me and all I bring. Amen.

  5. I am in tears over this article. My God, for a long time I have been labeled and counted out because of this similar parenting status. I am a mother of 3 with who were father by 3 different guys, guys that I love and were in love with. I’ve dealt with the shame and disappointment. I’ve grown though and I am no longer in this space. I chose to show my daughters what it means to be a woman of courage and love and show them what it means to pick yourself up and step over those obstacles.

    I use the lessons I learned as the stepping stones for which I am building my business. I appreciate this article so much. It truly touched my soul.

    Thank you


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