The conversation about accountability in life between men and women will never end. It’s a commonality in society that men aren’t accountable enough for their behaviors overall. There’s a contingent that believes women suck at being accountable when they are called to be as well. Today’s conversation stems from a tweet I read a while back. It read as such:

“Men only want to have sons so that they can pass down their misogyny and bad traits to them. A daughter would cause them to sort of look themselves in the face.”

I’m not too sure as to what spurred on this tweet. Of course I feel that there are over-generalizations here. They’re out the wazoo! I understand that nowadays, “ain’t sh*t dudes” seem to be at an all-time high. I’ll never dismiss that there are many bad apples. But I would also like to add that with the rising consciousness in society, there should be an increasing number of men who are progressive thinkers.

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What is a progressive thinker as it pertains to a man? I’m speaking on men who think for themselves without as much influence from what his male counterparts may think. He thinks more by way of what is fair. What he demands of a women he also demands of himself. As I write this I can feel the collective eye roll from you ladies. “Well where is he?!” Yes, I heard you exclaim. He is there and he is real.

Everyone has the luxury of having their voice heard through social media nowadays. This is a gift and a curse. I see it as a positive in the sense that more men can advocate more for women now more than ever. We need more to do so, but I still feel that their voices are at an all-time high.

I desire to have a son one day. I see it as an opportunity for him to be one of those young men that grow to help change the narrative. I desire to raise him to be as good of an example of character as he can be for himself and for others. Selfishly, of course I would want to talk about women with my son and pass down any knowledge I’ve gained up until that point. Every guy would love the opportunity to put his son on. However, that doesn’t mean that we seek to raise someone as chauvinistic as our predecessors.

As men, we have to continue to embrace the point that we won’t progress as a society until we unequivocally lift up our women. Part of that involves raising our next generation to be better men. The longer short of all this is that I took exception to this tweet. Maybe I’m delusional, but I try to be the forever optimist. I believe that men will continue to be present fathers and raise the kind of men that won’t have to ever have any woman that they date feel the way that this woman does.

Written By: Kahlil Haywood

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