Fall is upon us and that means the countdown to Halloween is on! It’s always fun to get into the “holiday spirit” but sometimes your budget just isn’t having it! As a style blogger who loves joining in on the October festivities, I decided to take the liberty of highlighting some quick and easy Halloween looks. The best part? You can create these costumes right at home while on a tight budget! 

Look #1: The Party Girl Unicorn Look

Photo Credit: Christena Melea Retrieved from www.Instagram.com/ChristenaMelea on October 22nd, 2018

For my first look, I tried out a party girl unicorn look inspired style by fashion blogger, @ChristenaMelea (http://www.christenamelea.com). For this look I wanted to emulate the glitzy-ness of her sequin dress, to compliment the unicorn party girl theme! To put together this look you need the outfit’s centerpiece, which undoubtedly is the unicorn headband. I bought mine for under $5 and you can find them at just about anywhere that sells costumes or lady’s accessories. I loved the combination of the glitz and denim, not to mention who doesn’t have a jean jacket laying around. 

 I went with a glitter dress that I found for $15 at a local discount store, I opted for thigh-high black boots to help keep my legs warm since to the NYC tristate area is generally pretty cold this time of year! A simple, and cheap way to participate in Halloween with spending little to nothing. What’s not to love!?

 What You’ll Need (At Home)-

  • A sequin or glittery dress
  • Matching heels (Suggested but not required)
  • A denim jacket

What You’ll Buy-

  • A Unicorn Headpiece $2 -$5.00
  • Unicorn MakeUp or Accessories $5 -$7.00

My Version:

Look # 2: The Simple Sugar Skull

Photo Credit: Addie Ortiz Retrieved from www.Instagram.com/Lovely50s on October 22nd, 2018

We see the sugar skull a lot but that’s because it’s fun, cute, and best of all budget friendly! For my simple sugar skull look, I ran through my closet and searched for any pieces that were lace, off-the-shoulder, or Spanish inspired. I decided to go with a black lace popover romper I found in the depths of my closet. I purchased a colorful $5 floral headpiece from Walmart to give the look a pop. There are also a lot of eye masks you can rock to liven up your look and avoid doing makeup yourself by hand. Both headpieces and eye masks are the perfect addition to this costume bringing your look to life with minimal effort (and money).

There’s a good chance you already have a piece in your closet that will help your simple sugar skull costume come together in seconds! 

What You’ll Need (At Home)-

  • Lace, Spanish Style, or off-the-shoulder piece
  • Choker or Spanish style jewelry

What You’ll Purchase-

  • Floral Head Piece $5.00  (OR)
  • Sugar Skull Eye Mask $7.00 (OR)
  • Halloween MakeUp Paint $6.00
  • Red Roses (Optional) 

My Version:

Look # 3: The Sassy ScareCrow 

Photo Credit: Brit + Co Retrieved from www.Brit.co on October 22nd, 2018

Lastly, there’s the sassy scarecrow! This look was the most fun to put together because it’s one you don’t see quite as often, yet still is really easy to create at home! Now is the time to pull out those overalls you bought because they were trending again! Next, grab that classic checkered flannel and you’re well on your way to becoming a scarecrow. I choose a pair of knee-high boots to sass’ up the costume. After a quick trip to the craft shop, I got a few extra items to detail the outfit like a bale of hay, faux fall flowers, and a wire of faux leaves all totaling to under $10! Add in that beach straw hat and a bandana and voíla the look is complete!

What You’ll Need (At Home)-

  • Overalls
  • Plaid Flannel
  • Boots
  • Straw Hat
  • Bandana

What’s You’ll Buy-

  • Loose Hay $3.00
  • Wire of Leaves $2.00
  • Faux Fall Flowers $1.50
  • Halloween Makeup Paint $6.00 (Optional) 

My Version:

There are some people who don’t mind spending hundreds on that perfect Halloween look,  but it’s never necessary. So what Halloween look can you create while working with what’s already in your closet? 

Tell us in the comments below!

Written By: Dani Elle Moore of StreetChicTV.com


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