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Graduation is just around the corner for both high school and college graduates. Where does the time go? If you’re looking for the perfect graduation gifts, here’s a few ideas you can put to good use.

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Dollar Diplomas In A Jar

If it’s one thing grads love most its money. You can get creative by just getting a mason jar and a few dollars.

Need: low temp hot glue gun, 3-inch black card stock, 1×10-inch strip of black card stock, pint-sized mason bar with ring & lid, embroidery thread, brass bad, long reach hole punch

To create the tassel, follow this simple tutorial. Punch a small hole in the center of the square piece of black card stock. Pull the tassel through the center hole, then push the ends of the brad through the hole. Wrap the embroidery around the brad and secure it down with tape. Next, hot glue the ring of the mason jar to the square piece of the black card stock. Hot glue the black strip of card stock around the mason jar ring.

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DIY Graduation Party Favors

To really make it feel like a party, or to give simple gift, you can create these cute gumball favors for your little graduate.

Need: black 1-inch gumballs, 1×7 clear plastic tubes (holds 7 gumballs), 2×2 black card stock squares, 4x ½ black card stock strips, yellow embroidery thread, hot glue gun, scissors, hole punch

To create the tassel, wrap the yellow embroidery around card stock 15 times, then snip one whole side of card stock. Create small loop with your thread around it about 10 times. Tie a longer piece of thread to the top of a single loop. Snip the ends of the tassel to make them nice and neat. To create the graduation cap, punch a hole in the center of a 2×2 piece of cardstock. Make a circle with one of the strips & glue the ends making sure its large enough to fit around your clear tube. Attach the circle to the cardstock square with a thin line of glue. Now feed the long piece of thread from your tassel through the punched hole and secure with a dot of glue.

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Money Pad For The College Grad

Despite the title you can also give this to your high school grad as a fun and cute notebook filled with dollar bills.

Need: chipboard, scissors, binder clips, padding compound

Cut a piece of chipboard to the exact size as the money. Cut two thin pieces of chipboard to create a buffer pad to keep binder clips from ruining your project. Stack the money so that it is perfectly square on all edges & align with the chipboard. Take the two thin buffer pieces, place one on top, the other on the bottom. Make sure everything is glued together and then use a large binder clip to hold in place. To make the notepad, use a padding compound. Follow directions on the bottle. Let dry and design the cover to your liking

Written By: Dominique Williams, DIY Naturalista


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