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DIY Makeup Storage Ideas for your Bathroom

A lot of us keep our makeup in the bathroom…and then we have trouble finding it. To get rid of the clutter in your bathroom, here’s 3 DIY makeup storage items you can create to make finding a lot easier.

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1) DIY Skateboard Makeup Shelf

If you had bad memories of skateboarding and busting your bust like myself, or you just want to repurpose your old skateboard, you can turn it into your new makeup shelf to hang your makeup tools and maybe more.

Need: A skate deck and a rope

First, cut the rope down to size, roughly double the size of the length of where you’re going to hang it. Use pointy scissors to push the end of the rope through the top underneath the deck and pass it through the adjacent hole underneath. Pull the rope through. Do this for both sides. To hang, attach it to pipe or you can hang it on a nail.

DIY Leather Cups: received date 3/19/2016, retrieved from
DIY Leather Cups: received date 3/19/2016, retrieved from

2) DIY Leather Cup & Copper Holders

Trying to find a place to put your eyeliners, lipsticks & lipglosses? You can create these cute little cut holders to decorate your bathroom

Need: “18×8″‘ & ¾” thick wood board, copper tumblers, colored leather lace, white semi-gloss paint, drill, sawtooth picture hangers. Optional: staple gun

Paint your wood board any color of your choosing. Place cups on board as far apart as you like. Place a pin marker near the top of each cup on both sides so you know where to drill your holes. Drill each hole big enough for the lace to go through. Make a knot at one end of your lace & thread the lace through the hole from the back. Wrap around the top of your cup as many times as needed, thread it through the hole on the other side of the cup and create another knot on the back of the board to finish. Once all your cups are attached, you can install a few picture hangers on the back.

DIY Sushi Mat: received date 3/19/2016, retrieved from
DIY Sushi Mat: received date 3/19/2016, retrieved from

3) DIY Sushi Mat Brush Holder

If you want to find something to keep all of your brushes in one place and want to get creative with it, you can create with cute little brush mat with a string and a sushi mat.

Need: Sushi mat, elastic band

Weave elastic band through the first two sticks and sew them together. Weave the rest through the mat, creating big and small pockets depending on the size of the brushes. Leave 1 or 2 sticks between each pockets depending on the size of each brush. Weave the band through the last 2 sticks once you reach the end of the mat. After rolling the sushi mat up, use a ribbon to help it stay in place.

Written By: Dominique Williams


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