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When most people think of chandeliers they instantly think of vintage, crystals and beading. Those are definitely popular versions but also know that you can create a beautiful ceiling fixture by using other household items. Unless you are lucky, most chandelier statement pieces are pricey. If you don’t have the money in the budget for a high-end piece, DIY chandeliers offer a chic and modern alternative. Here is a unique and inexpensive fixture for your living space.

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Doily/Yarn Chandelier

Light emitted from a doily chandelier will change the ambiance of a room from blinding brightness to warm and intimate.

To create this look, you would need a punching bag balloon, doilies, glue (add water to thin it out) and a hanging fixture.

Place the doily on the balloon and paint it in place with the glue, remembering to leave an opening to insert the light fixture. Allow it to completely dry, pop the balloon and insert the hanging fixture. At under $15, you would have perfectly inexpensive, expensive looking chandelier for a bedroom or living room.

Original DIY by: SoCraftastic

Written By: Hope Thomas



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