When you’ve been excluded from class, and they’re going on a trip, you usually don’t follow along on the trip. -Dapper Dan via Vanity Fair

25 years later, after luxury labels sued Daniel Day, known as Harlem’s “Dapper Dan” boutique’s out of existence, Gucci created a fashion uproar during their 2018 Cruise collection runway with a “bish stole my look” moment. So who is Dapper Dan? What did Gucci actually steal and call their Cruise Collection? Have we had it with receiving absolutely no credit when it comes to high-end brands? Other cultures continue to take credit for our creativity while slapping a new stamp labeled “Style Must Haves” on things we have been doing for years. EGL Fashion squad has all these answers and more!

Daniel “Dapper Dan” Crash Course

In the 1980s, Dapper Dan set the fashion bar high by creating customized one of a kind luxury pieces with high-end fabrics such as Louis Vuitton monogram prints. He became the master of turning these fabrics into leather bombers with matching trousers. Giving the true meaning to the collision “where hood meets high fashion.” Dapper Dan was responsible for legendary looks from Salt and Pepper’s customized leather jackets, Rakim’s Gucci sweater and matching hat, LL Cool J’s memorable MCM print bomber with matching sweats to Floyd Mayweather ‘s 11 flashy ring outfits.

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His story is anything less than a fairy tale; Daniel grew up in Harlem where he reminisced during his interview with New York Times, about his childhood and how his peers often teased him for his attire. His love for tailoring and customizing pieces came natural when his shoes begin to deteriorate and at the age of 7 he reconstructed them. He opened a boutique on 125th street in New York City, where he provided leather constructed garments mixed with high-end screen prints. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, the storefront was the go to for the  Hip-Hop industry and street hustlers fashion’s “who’s who.” He was opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;he was truly dedicated to the dream.

Gucci Cruise 2018 Collection! Why they need to pay homage?

As we all waited patiently for Gucci’s release of their 2018 Cruise Collection, a fashion uproar was created when Dapper Dan’s customized jacket circa 1980 LV logo with exaggerated sleeves with a touch of fur was pictured along side Gucci’s logo plush jacket. The hashtag #givecredittodapperdanharlem went viral shortly after. Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, was facing criticism and chaos once the world realized Guci may have stolen the idea from the fashion legend. It in fact proves that #blackmagic does exist and that street fashion is more important than a runway. We create style and trends that is often imitated and rarely given the proper credit.

Gucci has later responded with,

It’s an homage, a look that celebrates an iconic style of hip hop fashion culture from the 80’s.

So will Dapper Dan be inspo for more high-end brands on future runways? We are sure of it! His craftsmanship is one of a kind, and his pieces are still relevant so we are sure to see more Dapper Dan replica’s in the future EGL fashion lovers!

Written By: January Jones



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