Meet Dominique Galbraith, the owner of D. Auxilly! EGL scored a one on one with this beauty; who happens to be an amazing designer, wife and super mom! She dished on how a simple investment in a $300 Kenmore sewing machine, paired with her vision and faith transformed her dreams into a major #career and #fashiongoal. Since her first debut during NYFW in 2009, Dominique has dressed some of our favorite celebrities and fashionistas giving us to-die-for red carpet moments. And get this ladies, her designs go up to a size 24 so you can create those same fashion moments as your style crush.

“I pull INSPIRATION from ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE. My pieces often reflect my love for old Hollywood, my obsession with architectural structures and my Jamaican roots.”

From the Vivica Drama Jumpsuit to our favorite Leah Neoprene Ruffle Cocktail, you are sure to turn heads when stepping out with these one of kind pieces. The Bronx, New York native took time out of her busy schedule to give us a look  inside her world also telling us what we can expect from her in the future!

EGL: When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

D.Galbraith: Since I was 5 years old.

EGL: How do you come up with your designs? Where do you start? Do you keep journals of sketches or create vision boards?

D.Galbraith: Vision boards aren’t apart of my process, but I do sketch and keep a book of most of my sketches. I’m inspired most by architectural designs but I get my most creative designs while spending time with the creator, Jesus. Sounds strange but it’s in those moments of Prayer and reading his word that I get visions of amazing designs.

EGL: How do you find a balance between being a mom and managing a successful career in fashion?

D.Galbraith: Im up hours before everyone else, praying, organizing and planning the day. I work from home which is awesome because I’m always around my babies. I try my best to work during normal work hours then stop to cook and clean and get the babies ready for bed. I have a great husband who is also an entrepreneur so his schedule is flexible and a family support system that is a huge blessing.

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EGL: Looking back at years of incredible work, how do you feel your line has changed or evolved?

D.Galbraith: My pieces are far less revealing but I’ve managed to maintain my aesthetic.

EGL: What do you want to achieve through fashion?

D.Galbraith: I just want to keep making wearable art that’s accessible to women of all sizes that can afford it.

#tbt Adrienne wearing the Cali Girl dress one of the first items sold on my site and a best seller.

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EGL: We love to ask the question to our fashion mavens ‘what’s inside your purse’ to all the women on the go like yourself. What are five fashionable items that you must carry in your purse?

D.Galbraith: I’m a simple girl. Lip gloss, hand sanitizer, lotion, tissue, mints.

EGL: What would you like to accomplish in the next 10 years?

D.Galbraith: To have reached millions of people for Christ, sharing my testimony of how God transformed a regular girl from the Bronx and took her on a  journey of building a fashion brand to change not just her life but her character. I’m writing a book on it that I hope to finish as soon as these babies let me. Haha!

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EGL: What can we expect from D.Auxilly in the near fashion future? Any fashion ventures?
D.Galbraith: The launch of my bridal collection!

And the journey continues! We are excited and ecstatic to see  more couture bridal and evening wear. If you can’t get enough of D.Auxilly, shop the latest pieces and stay up to date on social media with the brand! // Instagram @dauxilly

Written By: January Jones



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