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A trending color that is taking appliance and furniture by storm is Rose Gold. Rose Gold is the perfect pop of color for your home. This color adds a certain level of chic to any room in your home. It’s the perfect hello darling statement piece that your home needs. Below are some simple enhancements that you can do to yourself.


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Adding rose gold handles to your cabinets will give your kitchen the ultimate pop of color. Changing your kitchen knobs, handles and water faucets to rose gold is a simple yet modern statement piece. Goodbye to over decorating your kitchen appliance. Simple is chic!


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Don’t call it a makeover! Adding a few rose gold vases or pillows in with your furniture is perfect. This can be achieved by a simple DIY or you can purchase it. It is a budget friendly way of updating your living room without getting rid of all of your furniture.

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This color is everything! Spruce up any room in your home by adding a pop of color wall. Paint one of your focal point walls rose gold. This color is the new black and it looks amazing with Grey! The benefit of this color is that it can be used all year long. So you don’t have to change the color throughout the season changes.


Written by: Johnakeshia Thompson, Assistant Editor, Modern Domestic, IG: The_Style_Spy


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