Let’s talk about SEX! Let’s talk about an upgrade to your room that will give your room the ultimate sex appeal. Ladies, it’s time to say goodbye to those chic, and cozy rooms and add some sexual flavor to your bedroom. Below you will find some tips to help spruce up your room.

Whimsical Effect 


This whimsical theme will help set the mood in your room. This theme is perfect for those who have always desired a window over there bed. These string lights and curtains will give you that feeling. Grab some lights and sheer curtain and hang them on on your wall and ceiling.

The most romantic part of the room is ensuring that the lighting is right. Lights play a major role in the ambiance of a room. Below is another example of how to add some finish touches to your room without making a lot of changes.


Romantic Bedroom Lights


You can accomplish this look by adding some purple and blue spotlights to your room. I am sure you love the bright or neutral colors for your bedroom but in order to accomplish an intimate bedroom setting, you’ll have to go dark. Red, Black or Purple are some colors that scream SEX!


Don’t Forget The Candles

Nothing sets the mood like some candles, so why not decorate with them.


I am sure many men complain about the surplus amount of pillows their woman have on their bed to decorate their room. Welp, try out these simple tips and take away a few pillows and enjoy some quality time with your lover.

Written by: Johnakeshia, modern domestic, staff writer

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