David Banner [Photograph]. Retrieved via http://www.blackenterprise.com/bemodernman/2015/06/15/be-modern-man-meet-the-intellectual-david-banner/ on 5-13-16
Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Film Magic
Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Film Magic

Don’t call it a comeback. Unlike other artists who have topped the charts in the past, David Banner is returning more confident than most, declaring his upcoming album, The God Box, to be the best Hip Hop album ever made.

Born in Chicago, but raised in Mississippi, Lavell William Crump stepped on the Hip Hop scene in 2003 as David Banner and set the charts on fire with hits “Like A Pimp” and “Cadillac on 22s.”  Banner has been promoting The God Box for a year and the time has come for his supporters to finally hear his opus. Available for purchase on August 16, the album delivers 15 tracks, including features from Tito Lo and Big K.R.I.T.

Banner recently sat down with Rock Norman on “The Rock Newman Show” and discussed his album, why he chose to make one after so many years and where he stands in his personal beliefs. David Banner, a musical artist, actor and philanthropist, made a serious change with going from one extreme to the next. The God Box documents his process from over the years. The accountability he takes for not only his life, but for the state of Hip Hop is as refreshing as it is mature.

But what is The God Box? Why did he make this album now? What has he been doing for all these years? David Banner is very articulate and one of the smartest men in the game, so we will let him answer all these questions for himself.  Take some time and listen to Banner and Rock as they have one of the most intellectual interviews we’ve heard in a long time. After watching the interview, come back and let us know what you thought of the conversation.


Written By: Melody Lanei



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