What does September 9 mean to you? It is a Holiday? Is it another deadline to extend your taxes? Is it a special Bad Boy or So-So Def reunion concert date? Nope! What this date happens to be is the most popular birthday in almost the world. Even though it has not arrived for 2019, we do know what’s right around the corner. The Holidays and the gift-wrapped phenomenon of Cuffing Season! So, yes during the Christmas Hype and New Year’s High, we squeeze more than just a little “cuddle time” in and wow…about 38 to 40 weeks later… you will arrive at September 9, 2019. Of course, this is all done during Cuffing Season, so here are a few tips to get you through this sometimes-temporary season without paying a lifetime bill!

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Pay Attention

You can just hear your mother’s or grandmother’s voice in your head yelling “Little Girl, Don’t Be No Fool!” We only need to go back a few years and take heed to those words of wisdom! These are usually for the guy that got away and broke your heart, leaving you wondering about your self-worth. Now he’s back and wants to be all about you! If the boy didn’t want you then, why does he want you now? Does he have nowhere else to go? Does he need a lady to be on his arm for those crucial Holiday events? Does he just want some P****? Are you the one to give him these things without justly deserving them? PAY ATTENTION.


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Pay it Forward

In this life you reap what you sow, so to that end, give what you get during this joyous time of the year. Whether that’s buying him a Christmas gift without one on return, or even during intimacy where he gets but never returns. These actions are a big No-No during Cuffing Season, the kind of violations that should have his a** packing on first offense. Men are very simple creatures and they take care of and protect what they want, so please don’t ignore the signs. If he does not give you what you give him in all terms of the words give, send him packing. PAY IT FORWARD.


IMAGE RETRIEVED BY: Tionna Skipper on 10/23/2018

Pay for Play

I’m still pulling on the elders for the lines in this article as I think of grandfather’s everywhere saying” You Have to Pay to be the Boss.” How true are these words, even though it doesn’t mean that the man has to make more money than the woman, just the funds that he does have should be allocated to any form of her happiness. It maybe buying dinner with Groupon, or using other cost cutting mechanisms to make to make things seem effortless. The attempts and planning to make the woman that he loves smile is priceless. PAY FOR PLAY


In the end ladies, a man will out right let you know if he wants you by his muscle and heart, not starting during Cuffing Season looking for a fresh start. So, beware ladies and put your life in park, even if you have to bypass the man that will undoubtedly leave you in the dark.


Written by: Sabreen Shabazz-Straker, threepeatteach  , Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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