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We all have our preferences. Some women want tall, dark, and handsome and others prefer wholesome with a hefty bank account. To each its own, but if you are having issues finding men worth dating, be sure your “type” (read: standards) isn’t keeping you from Mr. Right.

You know the saying, “High heels and even higher standards.” And although it sounds good to have such high standards in theory, it doesn’t feel so great on those lonely nights when you’re squeezing your body pillow for dear life in hopes that it will bring you some sort of comfort and peace of mind. Who are we fooling after all? Certainly not ourselves!

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We’re all guilty of having high standards. Growing up, you have this ideal image of what you think the perfect partner would be like. In fact, everywhere we turn, there is someone or something telling us who we should desire. But as you become older, you begin to realize that there is no such thing as perfect and go for a more realistic approach. We trim down our lists of standards, deal breakers, and preferences, just enough to still feel satisfied, but some of us aren’t being honest with ourselves. As we mature our wants and needs should change too.

If you haven’t been successful in dating, it’s time to try the opposite of what you’ve been doing. Give the good guy a chance. Don’t be so quick to friend zone the man who doesn’t fit the description of your type. Consider the guy with kids for once. We’re not telling you to lower your standards to zero, but don’t lose sight of what really matters; your heart. You never know, you may have curved your future husband with all those standards. Here’s to happy, healthy, dating!

Written By: Nyia Moore


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