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Some say sitting is the new smoking. There are studies showing increased risk of heart disease, various cancers, and diabetes as a result of too much sitting. The increase of sedentary jobs (sedentary = sitting) doesn’t help the cause either. Let’s look at the comparison of calories burned when sitting versus standing.  For a 150-pound person standing burns about 150 calories per hour compared to only about 113 while sitting.

If you’re trying to lose or maintain weight, then consider finding ways to incorporate more standing into your daily routine.  Check out these tips on how to accomplish this:

– stand while eating all meals, if applicable

– stand while watching TV

– download a free stand-up reminder app. This is especially useful for those with sedentary jobs

– park farther away so you can get in more steps

– take the steps instead of elevators more often

Try incorporating these changes into your daily routine for the next 21 days (how long it typically takes to form a habit) and you will notice a significance difference.  Considering the consequences it is definitely worth a try.

Written by Keona Hardin

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