Winter is a wonderful time to spend with your significant other. But if you don’t have a boo, don’t fret. Here are a few tips and suggestions to soothe your winter blues.

[Sad Woman by Christmas Tree]. Retrieved December 31, 2015: From:
[Sad Woman by Christmas Tree]. Retrieved December 31, 2015: From:
Stay surrounded by close family and friends. Being around your family and friends is a big distraction from your love life or lack thereof.  During the winter, most people seem to be busier than ever. Their time is occupied with planning for holiday events, shopping, and social networking. This is a great time to join in on the fun. Not only will you be more occupied, but you will be of great help to your family and and friends and can spend quality time with them.

Volunteer. The holidays are a special time of year to give back to the community, but you can give back all winter long! Many organizations and businesses look for help with their many projects. Volunteering can be very rewarding. It will allow you to give to others but to also be grateful for the life you have. As a volunteer, you will be able to set your own schedule and availability. Thus, allowing you to volunteer as little or as much as you would like. Just knowing that you have helped someone else in need can definitely put you in the better spirit.

Self-Indulge. The best way to fight the winter blues is to take some time to reflect on and pamper yourself. Self-love is the best love! The holidays are the perfect time to evaluate your life and to set goals for the upcoming year. You can also take a few days to do what you enjoy doing. Whether it’s reading a book, getting a massage, or shopping, do something that is therapeutic to soothe your winter blues.

Written By: Roxie Harris


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