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Rev. Darrell Scott, a mega church pastor from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, met with President Trump on Wednesday to discuss gun violence in Chicago. During the Black History Month-inspired meeting, the pastor seemingly had all the answers. The self-proclaimed “Black Trump supporter” told the president he was “contacted by some of the top gang thugs in Chicago for a sit-down.” He spoke highly of Trump’s administration, telling the president they did not believe in past-president Barack Obama’s leadership.

He went on to say, “They reached out to me because they’re associating me with you. They respect you. They believe in what you’re doing, and they want to have a sit-down about lowering that body count. So in a couple weeks, I’m going into Chicago.”

As he spoke, Scott started to believe his own lies and continued to make promises that we would later find out he could not keep.

I said we’ve got to lower that body count. We don’t want to talk about anything else; get that body count down, and they agreed that the principals that can do it – these are guys straight from the streets, no politicians, straight street guys – but they’re going to commit that if they lower that body count, we’ll come in and we’ll do some social programs.”

Scott told Trump the gang members agreed to lower their body count in return for federal funds to go towards uplifting the community.

Many Chicago activists and religious leaders were taken aback by Scott’s claims and reached out to him for answers. How did he plan to accomplish such a big task and which “top gang thugs” had he spoken to? A handful of Chicago news sources reached out to Scott for further details. When Fox 32 in Chicago asked Scott if his encounter with gang members was true, he responded, “No! I mean, c’mon now! (Laughs) No!

He later revealed that he did not speak with any current gang members. If you thought things couldn’t get any worse, guess again. Rev. Darrell Scott went on to say the lack of sleep causes him to mix up the facts.

Rev. Darrell Scott’s alternative facts have lead to some harsh criticism. Community Activist Jedidiah Brown took to twitter to vent about this recent debacle. One tweet read “ Laughing @ ‘top gang thugs’ and they will ‘lower body count’ WHO CAN DO THAT AS PRESENTED, after years in Chicago streets.”


See the series of tweets below.


Charlemagne The God of 105.1 radio morning show, The Breakfast Club, gave Rev. Darrell Scott “Donkey of The Day.” The radio shock-jock referred to the pastor as a “Jive Ass Negro,” “Lame” and “Tired.” See the video below.

Written By: Danielle Pearman
Instagram: @DannieOnAir


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