Ciara. via Ciara's Instagram @ciara, retrieved 5/12/16
Ciara. via Ciara's Instagram @ciara, retrieved 5/12/16
Ciara. via Ciara’s Instagram @ciara, retrieved 5/12/16

Damn Ciara. Back at it again with another major deal!

Shortly after a beautiful Mothers’ Day weekend with her husband-to-be Russell Wilson and son Baby Future, it was revealed that Ciara is branching out into the world of modeling and has officially signed an agreement with IMG Models.

I’m super thrilled about partnering with IMG Models,” the Jackie singer said in a statement, according to International Business Times. “I have always had a strong love for fashion and I’m grateful to be surrounded by so many great friends that are the best at what they do in this industry. This partnership will give me an opportunity to grow and experiment as an artist. I truly look forward to all the amazing things we have planned ahead.”

Ciara starred in Roberto Cavalli‘s fall 2015 ad campaign, she’s an ambassador for Topshop and Coach, and her versatility on the red carpet speaks volumes to her sense of fashion.

Aside from being absolutely gorgeous with a killer body and dance moves that will help her truly deliver each pose, Ciara’s previous experience has contributed to her current title as a model. Joining an impressive roster, including the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kate Moss, it’s just a testament of her hard work and consistency.

Congratulations Ciara!

Written By: Sweenie Saint-Vil


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