Chris Brown and Nas pay homage to Queens’s rapper Chinx, who’s passing anniversary is today. Their new single “Die Young” reminiscences on the rapper’s life, which was taken too soon due to gun violence. Chris Brown’s version of “Die Young” is a remake of the Chinx’s version which was released on his last album, Welcome to JFK.

Chris Brown sings on the piano instrumental as he opens up about current issues like gang violence, police brutality and also race with lines like “Hear the gunshot sounds, Black man down, another innocent killed by the police/Which side you on?” and “One man shouldn’t hate on another man, just no one cause of the color skin. Let’s stop killing each other, it’s genocide.”

Nas opens up his verse speaking on the rough times he had growing up in New York City.

The Queensbridge rapper shared, “In the projects it’s made so we don’t progress/Experimental tests watch us kill each other, film another homicide/They taping—nobody make it/See he going to kill the same lab rat he was raised with.”

Like Brown, Nas also touched base one of the biggest issues African Americans face today—police brutality.

All they wanna see is if he had coke in his blood,” he raps.  “‘Cause the cops shot him / Just ’cause he came from the rock bottom / Now you see his name in the body column.”

The single “Die Young” seems to be an eye opener for Chris Brown who’s been tied to a lot of gang related beef with rapper Soulja Boy. Brown seemed to have made a turn from his bad boy ways after he became a father to his daughter Royalty, who he also named his last album after. The singer states in “Die Young,” “I’m living for my daughter, ‘Cause my baby need a father / Don’t wanna die a young ni**a.

Listen to “Die Young” by Nas and Chris Brown below.

Written By: Nicquana Howard


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