Men expect to be forgiven for infidelity time and time again. Boys will be boys, right? Why does it seem that men expect women to stand by and let them make mistake after mistake, but if we slip up once (and they find out), there’s no turning back?

There are many double standards in dating and relationships; so many things that men can dish out but can’t take. Women forgive time and time again for the sake of maintaining and holding on to their relationship. Men, on the other hand, have been known to flee at the first offense. What makes the difference?

Women and men are held to different standards. Men are slower to relationships. They’re more likely to be in and out of situations and have multiple partners while they’re not in a committed relationship. If they do decide to be with only you, they feel like they’re giving up that lifestyle for someone who has more to offer and add to their life than any or all their other situations. The title they give you is a proclamation of their trust and admiration for you. You are theirs and even if they slip up and make mistakes, they can’t possibly fathom that you, their queen, could ever let anyone experience what should be reserved for them. Once you break that trust, it’s the point of no return. Men also recall the interactions they’ve had with women who were less important to them than you are. Knowing the games and tricks they’ve gotten over on chicks leaves them disappointed in you for falling victim to another man.

“Most guys can’t take it cause they just can’t envision their woman being used the way they use other women. It’s essentially treating them like property,” said @imchrislewis

Women are given the bad rap of being overly emotional but being so in tune with our emotions equips us with the ability to bounce back after heartbreaks and move forward. Heartbreaks are crippling to men. No matter how many or how often they mess up, there is no number of mistakes that would prepare them for that taste of their own medicine.

“Men can cheat without feelings. Women deal with certain things more emotionally. So really, dudes be scared of her falling for someone else” – Rodney, 41

Long story short, men just aren’t built like that. There is a strong narrative in the dating community that for a woman to be in the top spot, she has to patiently wait and be loyal to a man while he goes through his “boys will be boys” phase. There just isn’t any wiggle room for women to be disloyal and dishonest. Men get a pass. Women don’t.



by: Ayana Conry

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