retrieved via instagram @monascottyoung
retrieved via instagram @monascottyoung
retrieved via instagram @monascottyoung

Mother, wife, businesswoman, television pioneer and all around boss woman. This is Mona Scott Young. It was a true honor seeing our good friend being celebrated on Centric’s hit television series, “Being.”

Mona began her sit down interview speaking on her humble beginnings growing up with her mother, who is a native of Haiti, and wanting to have a better life. In her younger years, one of Mona’s first jobs was a seasonal holiday position at Radio City Music Hall in New York City as an usher. What began as a simple job of escorting guests to their seats, sparked a passion inside of Mona that jet set her career.

What was great about the job is I had a chance to meet all kinds of celebrities and I saw the shows coming to life in front of me on stage and I guess that’s when I really understood the entertainment industry.” Mona said.

After that job, Mona saw herself more and more in the entertainment industry. She soon began doing artist development for small music artists, but the true test came when Mona was asked to manage a group of producers called “The Trackmasters,” who were behind some of today’s biggest artists, including Mary. J Blige, Usher, Tribe Called Quest, Biggie Smalls and more. And even though Mona had no experience or knowledge of the music industry, she still moved forward with the offer of management and the rest was history.

retrieved via instagram @monascottyoung
retrieved via instagram @monascottyoung

Many celebrity guests on the show, including our own Yandy Smith, have worked with and created long lasting relationships with the mogul.

 “I studied everything there was to study about Mona, because I felt like if I want to be a power player in this industry, and she’s a power player, I want to do what she does,” Yandy said.

Hip hop artists Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott also shared their personal experience working with Mona and how they admire her influence in the music industry.

As a woman, you have to be strong in this industry. And Mona grew strong and never showed any fear in her,” Missy said.

Love & Hip Hop doesn’t define Mona. You need to do your research and go do your homework and understand the major contribution to our cultural significance that this woman [has to do with]” Busta said.

Speaking of “Love & Hip Hop,” since Mona is the creator and brain child behind the VH1 hit franchise, she has received a lot backlash from the public saying that she’s responsible for the negative portrayal of the African American community.

What hurts the most because you don’t even know me. You don’t know anything about me and you’re making these judgements about who you think I am and then vilifying me based on those judgements.”

But fellow “Love & Hip Hop” cast mates, including K. Michelle, say they don’t blame Mona for just telling the truth.

I think people seem to give Mona a hard time because she’s really the first person to really expose the truth of our culture.”

But through all the adversities and challenges, Mona continues strive and soars high, building her empire one step at a time.

By Tiffany Hercules


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