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Who else watches television and completely spazzes out when one of their favorite celebrities pops up on the screen in all their throwback glory? Thanks to the TV gods, who continually give us awesome reruns and throwbacks to binge on, we can catch glimpses of our brightest stars while in their nebula stage! There’s nothing like watching something old and noticing something new, right?  All our favorite celebs- actors, singers, athletes, etc., started somewhere; meaning someone took a chance on them and gave their career that extra boost. We all know Tyrese’s story; the man got his big break by singing on a bus about Coca-Cola (no shade, Pepsi). The rest is history. Here are a few celebrities who were in hit music videos and “you ain’t een know it!”

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We all know him as the exotic, melanated, piece of eye candy from Germany (and Nicole Ari Parker’s soulmate) who has appeased many a sweet tooths in his day with movie and TV classics like Brown Sugar and Soul Food. He was also cast in the 2014 adaptation of Zane’s racy novel Addicted.  Before he was the suave, family man we know today, Boris Kodjoe was playing strip poker with T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli in their 1994 video “Red Light Special” (and he had hair!).


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NAACP Image award nominee Michelle Thomas is most notable for her role on Family Matters as Steve Urkel’s loyal and borderline obsessive girlfriend, Myra Monkhouse.  Unfortunately, she lost her fight with cancer at the young age of 30, but left her acting gift to entertain for decades to come. Starring in legendary shows like The Young and the Restless and The Cosby Show, she was consistently hired as the leading lady in multiple music videos. Here she is in Dru Hill’s video for “Never Make a Promise,” delivering a pretty moving performance.



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She’s been in the business since she was a tween and has grown to be one of the most well-respected women in show business. In recent years, we’ve seen Kim Fields back on television shows like Dancing with the Stars and on season 8 of Bravo’s hit show Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kim has a wide range of talents and appears to have explored a lot of them in her 40+ year career. From acting, directing, and other paths she taken through her journey, she didn’t miss the soul train. Yes, Ms. Fields found herself in music videos, too. Here is Kim Fields in the Boyz II Men 1994 hit “On Bended Knee.”


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Now, this may not be new news to most, but we HAD to mention this one. Jennifer Lopez has done a pretty good  job maintaining to her “Jenny on the block” persona, never forgetting her humble beginnings. It’s no secret that J.Lo broke into the business with her slamming dance moves and charismatic personality. Amongst her journey to A-Listhood, she stopped by Janet Jackson’s 1993 music video, “That’s the Way Love Goes.” Check it out below.


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FAN MOMENT! This woman is so beautiful; inside and out! Nadine Ellis may be most known for her role as Dr. Stacey Lawrence on BET’s Let’s Stay Together, but this goddess has been working for decades and, unbeknownst to others, is a remarkable professional dancer. You can catch her moves in classics like “Money, Cash, Hoes” by Jay Z and “I Can’t Stand the Rain” by Missy Elliot. But when you see her as the leading lady in this 2015 Kenny Latimore‘s joint “Love Me Back,” it’s like a breath of fresh air comes out of the screen!


FAM MOMENT! Don’t let this reality star’s tv drama fool you! Love and Hip Hop Hollywood isn’t even a fraction of who Brandi Boyd is; she’s been working! The rapper/host/tv star has been in the game a long time and regardless of her star-studded inner circle, she has never been one to take a handout. Just like everyone else mentioned above, Brandi started from her bottom and found herself in the music video genre, too. Here is Brandi Boyd in the 2003 hit “No Better Love” by Young Gunz.

Had you noticed these celebs in these videos before? Better yet, do you know of any celebs in music videos we didn’t mention? Leave your comments below!

Written By: Melody Lanei
Twitter: @MLanei
IG: @MissMLanei


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