retrieved via snapchat @rihanna
retrieved via snapchat @rihanna

Most of us are familiar with the social media app Snapchat and all of its amazing features. For those of you who are not familiar, Snapchat is the cool new way to share stories with others via photos and videos within a 10 second span, hints the name “Snapchat.”

The amazing application is not just entertaining because you can draw on photos, and speed up videos to send to your friends. It’s one extraordinary app that keeps on surprising you. The app keeps you intrigued with its phenomenal features and the celebs that display their lives through using it. Snapchat has become the home of some very well-known celebrities, and if you’re not following them you should be! Here are the top 3 celebs whose Snapchats are raved about.

retrieved via snapchat @rihanna
retrieved via snapchat @rihanna

If you’re interested in seeing what’s chic and edgy then this celeb’s snapchat is just right for you! 27-year-old singer and songwriter Rihanna has her fans loving her fashionable and fun snaps. The Caribbean superstar goes by the user name @Rihanna on the social app. Follow her to get fierce make-up tutorials, twerk lessons and see all the outstanding things she does as her career and followers continue to grow.

Retrieved via snapchat @Kylizzlemynizzl
Retrieved via snapchat @Kylizzlemynizzl

Another celebrity that has blown SnapChat away with her stylish outfits, unique outings, hilarious vids, and mini surprise cameos from her celeb sisters is none other than Kylie Jenner. The 20-year-old socialite goes by the user name @Kylizzlemynizzl on Snap.  Follow her as she displays her life in the lime light. You never know who you might see in her snap story, and she’s always listening to the hottest music.

Retrieved via Snapchat @DjKhaled305
Retrieved via Snapchat @DjKhaled305

We had to save the best for last, and the one person who has been taking Snapchat by storm! With sharing his major keys to success, and all his hilarious yet insightful life lessons is the one and only Dj Khaled. This is definitely one celeb who should be on your Snapchat timeline. Going by @DjKhaled305 on the social app, he displays his glamorous turnt up lifestyle, and what he does to stay “blessed up.”  This is one snapchatter who is a major key to the success in your journey of snapchatting.

Here’s a list of more celebs hiding out on Snapchat!

 Chrissy Teigen: chrissyteigen

Eva Longoria: realevalongoria

The Weeknd: xo.official

Selena Gomez: selenagomez

Gigi Hadid: itsgigihadid

Justin Bieber: rickthesizzler

Jennifer Lopez: jlobts

Waka Flocka Flame: WakaFlockaveli

Blac Chyna: BlacChynaLA

Draya Michele: SuperDraya

Juicy J: itsyoboyjuicyj

Chris Brown: Bpchrisbrown

Rick Ross: ferrarifatboy

Tyga: lamboluxury

Future: fbgboss

Be sure to check out the excitement these stars have waiting for you, and happy snapping!

Written by: Chante’ Hall



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