Society paints this picture that if a girl and guy have been friends for a long time, somewhere along the way they’ve been romantically involved with each other. Now we all know there are situations where this is true, but certainly not for every guy and girl friendship. Unfortunately there’s so much negativity and stigma that causes these bonds to be completely misunderstood. Well, platonic friendship is really very simple: there is lots of love but no physical or sexual desire– period. That’s it, that’s all. These friendships are special and should be treasured! For the times you may forget, these celebrities remind us how special friendship with the opposite sex can be.


Tiffany Haddish & Kevin Hart

A real friend is one that is there to support you during your struggle. Comedians Kevin and Tiffany have an amazing story of the history of their friendship. Tiffany has shared the story of how Kevin gave her $300 while she was struggling as an up-and-coming comedian. Now that she’s a big star, she has tried many times to pay him back but he wouldn’t take it. We’ve seen them make movies together, support each other’s independent films/stand ups, and we can’t forget the time Kevin publicly defended Tiffany’s talent when being criticized by other legendary comedians (*cough* Katt Williams)! We stan a friend that has your back no matter what. A true rider! If that’s not real love and platonic friendship, then we don’t know what is!



Diddy & Lil Kim

They are the OG’s of the brother-sister relationship. I remember being a child seeing them together in music videos and thinking that they were really family! But the love between Diddy and Kim is that real that they do call each other family, and they even fight like brother and sister. Their friendship has lasted decades! They both started from the bottom together, made millions together, had public arguments, and still love, defend and support each other to this day. Diddy has called Lil Kim “our queen,” meaning queen of rap and queen of Bad Boy, even though she was never signed to Bad Boy Records. Their platonic relationship proves that, like any other friendship, these friendships can last a lifetime.



Meek Mill & Milan Harris

Rapper Meek and fashion designer Milan have one of the dopest bonds ever. Their endless support of each other is crazy! From Meek attending Milan’s fashion shows and consistently wearing and promoting her clothing line, to Milan supporting and promoting Meek’s albums, tours, merch, etc., this friendship is the definition of a real bond between male and female. Publicly supporting each other’s dreams, taking trips and taking up for one another is what makes their friendship so special and reminds us of a brother-sister relationship. They do actually refer to each other as family, and we can see that the feeling of platonic love is real.



Lala Anthony & Terrence J

“I’m an only child so I’m grateful God sent me a sister” is the caption Terrence used on a picture with him and his friend, Lala. We LOVE their relationship because we’ve seen it continue to blossom over time! There haven’t been any reports of any scandals, any stories, or anything negative about their relationship. Also, they are both in intimate relationships (Lala is married, Terrence has a girlfriend), and they have still been able to keep a successful friendship. That’s how you know the platonic love is real! Both share pictures of good times and memories made with each other, and both speak highly of each other. The mutual trust, respect and admiration they display for each other are key reasons for why their friendship is so special.


Tupac Shakur & Jada Pinkett-Smith

Jada and Tupac’s relationships was probably one of the most deliberated relationships ever. So many people converse about their love, wondering if it was just platonic or more. But their love, respect, and admiration for each other was so strong that no one– not even themselves– could explain what it was. Tupac always spoke highly of Jada, supported her endlessly despite his own busy career and even wrote a poem about their friendship. To this day, Jada still speaks highly of her friend who died in 1996. What made their friendship super special was that they were both young and still growing into themselves, chasing individual dreams, and blossoming into their careers, yet their love for each other never waivered. They are the epitome of how special a platonic friendship can be.




If you have a friend or best friend of the opposite sex then you know how great it is to have someone who may have a different view, enjoy different activities or provide a source of masculine/feminine energy you can’t get from your same-sex friends. It can be frustrating to constantly have to explain, but don’t forget to nurture that special friendship!


Written By: Kahina Ray

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