Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

VH1 started some talk with their premiere of The Breaks. It’s not easy portraying the early stages of Hip Hop without losing the soul and energy of the rhythmic culture.

The Breaks takes viewers back to an iconic summer in NYC in 1990. The movie is centered around the book, “The Big Payback” by Dan Charnas.

Like Charnas’ book, The Breaks focuses on the lives of three friends: Nikki Jones (Afton Williamson), Deevee (Mack Wilds) and David (David Call). Nikki is a recent college graduate who chooses Hip Hop over law school. Deevee is an inspiring producer who is looking for the right artist for his sound, and David is the son of a legendary record executive.

All three characters’ love for 90s Hip Hop is what ties this movie together. The two-hour premiere starts off with the determined and feisty Nikki Jones fast talking her way into an internship with a top management company called Fouray Entertainment, whereas her boyfriend David struggles working at a top radio station that refuses to play Hip Hop. Deevee, however, heads back to his old neighborhood, Fort Greene Projects, where he scouts a rapper people need to hear.

The only complaint about this movie is that it has a cliff-hanging ending, but there’s a reason for that. Charnas, also one of the executive producers, describes the movie as a “backdoor pilot” that introduces the characters and plot lines. If The Breaks “is well received by the viewers, VH1 will possibly make it their newest series.”

Seith Mann, director and screen writer, says “within a week we should probably have a good idea of whether it goes forward or not.’’

Catch an encore of The Breaks tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

Written By: Nicquana Howard


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