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It’s been a decade since Cassie hit the scene with her hit singles “Me & U” and “Long Way 2 Go.” Along the way,  Cassie has released a mixtape and worked on some movies.

But now, the girlfriend of P. Diddy has found a new record label home with Epic Records, as it builds its R&B roster with new and veteran talent under the guise of the legendary L.A. Reid.

Cassie made the announcement during MTV’s VMA pre-show in an interview with Billboard.

Don’t worry, she isn’t completely leaving Bad Boy or her man. Her music will be co-serviced through Bad Boy who signed with Sony for distribution.

Given her history with Bad Boy and her long term relationship with Diddy, many believe that this is nepotism at its best. Nonetheless, Cassie is the originator when it comes to transitioning her modeling career into a music career.  And don’t forget, Cassie was originally signed to her former boyfriend singer Ryan Leslie’s label Next Selection before Diddy swooped in and took her from Ryan.

Cassie has solidified herself as her own empire outside of Diddy’s world but you can’t help but  wonder how the hands on Mr. Combs will be in her upcoming project and future records with Epic Records.

The songstress did announce though she will be releasing a new single soon called “Makeup” working with producer Detail.

I did a lot of records with Detail,” Cassie said at the VMAs.We have a single coming up called ‘Makeup,’ which I think the ladies are gonna love…coming soon.”

In the meantime, before the new single drops, Cassie has released another single called “Joint” from her upcoming movie Honey 3, the movie she was filming in South Africa last year.

You can take a listen to “Joint” here:

And get a look at her interview with Billboard announcing her signing with Epic Records:

And also the trailer for Honey 3 that’s going to be released on DVD next week:

Written By: Jnelle Belle


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