New York, NY - December 7th: New York Knicks vs Portland Trailblazers: New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony #7 looking dejected during the final seconds of the fourth quarter. Knicks loose to the Trailblazers 103-99. Sunday, December 7th, 2014. (Photo by Anthony J. Causi)
retrieved via twitter @sl_extramustard on 6-1-15.
retrieved via twitter @sl_extramustard on 6-1-15.

Okay, maybe everyone doesn’t know but it’s kind of an unspoken rule in sports that you just can’t represent two teams.  Not saying that there aren’t many of us who are guilty of doing such but the majority of us know better than to wear our two opposite teams’ paraphernalia at the same time.  Apparently, Carmelo Anthony felt brave enough to represent both his preferred teams at the same damn time, and sports fans didn’t take kindly to his indecisive head cover.

Ignoring the decades-long Subway Series, Anthony dared to mesh New York’s popular sports rival teams by wearing a hat with the logos of both the New York Yankees and the New York Mets.  Now, there aren’t many states/cities that have multiple teams of the same sport so this type of thing really hasn’t happened often but with New York being, well…New York, it obviously has it like that.

Sometimes you can’t choose just one doesn’t solely apply to potatoes chips.  Diplomatic in his own way, the New York Knickerbocker confidently decided to represent both of his fellow “city-mates” at the Mets verse White Sox Game this past Monday where the Mets beat the Sox 1-0.

Do you think it’s proper sports etiquette to wear a mesh-up hat? Is it possible to be a true fan of more than one team?  Leave your comments below!

Written By: Melody Lanei


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