Cardi B ended the reunion of Love & Hip hop with a bang. The Bronx native has officially decided she will no longer be a cast member next season.  Most loved and most hated Cardi B reportedly signed a deal with Atlantic records. According to sources, Atlantic Records believes in Cardi”s  talent and her future.

“They believe in Cardi`s talent she’s signed a multi million dollar deal with Atlantic.” With speculation buzzing all over social media, she took to instagram and posted a video spitting bars happily and ended her verse subliminally acknowledging the accusations.“ am I  really looking like I caught a lick? Or did I caught a lick though… I ain’t really gonna talk about it.“

Cardi sat down with legend Angie Martinez in a recent interview confirming her deal with Atlantic Records, as well as talking about her battle between her decision to be independent or signed.

“People wanna make you un-credible because you not signed or people don’t wanna take you seriously sometimes because you not signed or its hard to get things like Grammys or BET awards because you’re not signed” Cardi stated.   

“Because you don’t have that big machine behind you”, this is going to be a big deal for you,” confirmed Angie.

While Cardi B is becoming an overnight rap star ”new jack” as quoted by Angie,  her calendar has been filling up with bookings & shows. Between releasing her newest mixtape Gangsta B***h Vol 2  and opening up the tour for legends Remy Ma, Lil Kim & The Lox this year, she seems to have taken a turn on how she wants to be viewed from here on out.

 “She wants to focus on music and to be taken serious. It’s hard for her to do that with all the drama she’s involved in on the show” Cardi herself has said in prior interviews.  “Everything I do, it takes a lot of time for me to do it because only the best sells, you know? If you want people to take you seriously, you gotta do the best.”

Cardi was recently interviewed with Paper magazine, where she was talked about being recognized for her fashionista style and becoming the newest VIP for New York Fashion Week.   Designer Rio Uribe now cites Cardi as a muse for his brand Gypsy Sport.

“Gypsy Sport’s fashion is very free-spirited, and for him to use me as a muse for his clothing line, that means he knows and understands my attitude, which is also very free-spirited. I’m just so happy that these clothing brands can see my personality as being relatable.”

@riosport @gypsysport THANK YOU SO MUCG FOR THE OPPORTUNITY !!!

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She’s definitely stepping her game up and climbing the ladder of status in the rap industry.  Hopefully this doesn’t mean she’s leaving reality television for good because she said “I will be doing more t.v.”  Recently we saw her do her thing during BET’s hit show “Being Mary Jane.” Does this mean  Cardi B could have her own television show? Leave your comments below if you would hope so.

Written By:  Ashley Nicole



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