Canna Luxe: Black Women Love Cannabis, Too

Canna Luxe launches with one mission and one mission only: Scratch the black woman's cannabis itch.

Photo Credit: Tori Owens, Owner of Canna Luxe

As the cannabis industry continues to rapidly evolve, one thing remains true. Black women are not only commonly forgotten as valuable consumers, but we don’t have a large enough presence in the business either. However, that’s not to say things aren’t slowly, but surely, changing.

EGL WIN member, Tori Owens, is one of the few women making moves to change the tide. She launched Canna Luxe, a luxury smoking accessories brand, in April 2020. The company offers beautiful smoking products such as pipes, water bubblers, blunt rings, and ash trays that are solution-based and multifunctional without compromising femininity.

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“When I entered the cannabis industry, I noticed that something was missing and that was femininity,” Owens says. “Simply put, I like cute things, but never came across smoking pieces that fit my aesthetic. With the busy schedule I have as a mom, content creator, and social content manager, I’m someone who lightly indulges. I wanted to produce pieces that would merge these different aspects of my lifestyle.”

Each piece is designed for the chic and classy smoker, but also seamlessly serves as décor, so there’s no reason you would want to hide these in your home.

Photo Credit: Instagram – @Canna.Luxe

“The essence of a woman was the driving force behind each piece,” explains Owens. “Even down to the black and gold cleaning utensil that looks like a mascara brush!”

Still riding on a high from a very successful launch, which resulted in several sold out products within Canna Luxe’s first month, Owens says black women have a long way to go when it comes to penetrating the industry as business owners.

“When I initially became interested in the cannabis industry, my goal was to own a dispensary,” Owens explains. “But I was hit with the harsh reality that there is a social disparity within the business. I was crushed at the obstacles minorities have to face to even get their foot in the door.”

However, never one to be defeated by closed doors, Owens continued researching the industry for months and found the perfect niche to dominate with Canna Luxe.

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“The bottom line is that the industry is missing femininity with an even more targeted disparity towards African Americans,” says Owens. “Canna Luxe solves that problem by offering feminine smoking accessories you don’t have to hide or be ashamed of. You can be a mom, a business owner, a wife, AND a smoker!”

Written By: Chey Parker, Editor in Chief


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