Pen Griffey via Bryson Tiller's Instagram @brysontiller, retrieved 5-31-16
Pen Griffey via Bryson Tiller's Instagram @brysontiller, retrieved 5-31-16
Pen Griffey via Bryson Tiller’s Instagram @brysontiller, retrieved 5-31-16

Since Bryson Tiller snuck his way into our hearts with his platinum-selling project TRAPSOUL, we have been patiently waiting for more music from Pen Griffey. According to a recent post, our wishes have been granted.

Tiller took to Instagram on Monday night, posting a picture of himself in front of a marquee that read “Pen Affleck in She’s Got My Soul.” Although it is uncertain whether this is the name of an upcoming single or album, we can assume that it will not feature the sounds of Pen Griffey, but instead his newly-formed alter ego, Pen Affleck.


A photo posted by pen griffey (@brysontiller) on

TRAPSOUL, Bryson Tiller’s debut album, was released in October 2015. It is known for its popular singles, Don’t,” “Exchange,” and “Sorry Not Sorry,” a song remixed by Fabolous in his Summertime Shootout mixtape. In April 2016, his album was certified platinum and Tiller witnessed its continued success in his sold out shows where fans sang along to every single word of his songs.

With such a warm reception of his first project, we can only hope that this sophomore album does not disappoint. Until then, we will await its arrival with our hearts now at ease from the confirmation that Bryson Tiller music will be coming in the near future.

Written By: Sweenie Saint-Vil


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