Photo Credit: [untitled photo of woman]. (N.D.) Retrieved July 1, 2016 from

Photo Credit: [untitled woman tanning]. (N.D.) Retrieved July 1, 2016 from
Photo Credit: [untitled woman tanning]. (N.D.) Retrieved July 1, 2016 from
Yes, it is true. Brown girls like to tan. The shade of the skin has nothing to do with it but to get that bronze, sun-kissed glow is a desire many woman have no matter what color you are. One of the benefits of the summer is how enriching your skin becomes from laying out in the sun. For years it has been a taboo for a black woman to tan and often times not a part of discussion. So the question becomes, should a brown girl tan? Let explore the reasons why it is cool for a brown girl to tan.

  1. Tanning is beneficial. Many women have found that tanning reaps many good benefits. Not necessarily using the tanning salons, but tanning the natural way in the beautiful sun. Some of the noticeable benefits are evening out skin tone, concealing stretch marks, and illuminating muscle tone.
  1. Tanning reenergizes you. Spending all winter waiting for the sun to return with those warm days is more than enough to melt those winter blues. “I don’t want to get too dark” has been a common saying among many blacks, but now we celebrate that all shades of black is beautiful. Put on some coconut oil, slap on the Ray Bans, dress in your bathing attire and enjoy this cheaper way of tanning.
  1. Tanning helps skin conditions and immune system. Tanning plays a vital role in our health. Tanning gives you Vitamin D, which many people lack or have a deficiency of. Getting exposure to the sun can help with skin conditions such as eczema, or psoriasis. Sunlight from tanning also encourages your white blood cells to produce like crazy. This is a great benefit because it does wonders for your immune system.

Now although there are great reasons to tan, please be aware that it is also necessary to protect your skin and not over do it in the sun. Too much exposure to the sun can increase your risk of skin cancer so be sure to apply sunscreen all over after 15 minutes of being outside. So take advantage of those nice sunny days that you asked for. Enjoy and get your tan on girl!

Written by: Joyrina Hunter, Associate Editor, Modern Domestic


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