Retrieved via Instagram @everythingezri on 10/28/2016
Retrieved via Instagram @everythingezri on 10/28/2016

If you have been keeping up with Empire on FOX, then you saw the recent introduction of Ezzy’s character Zeah. The opportunity to catch up with Ezzy came right on time, especially since he is a breakout star–which also strikes up peculiarity on his ventures in the entertainment world. The Cleveland-based rapper mentioned: “The first song I wrote trying to become a hip-hop artist on the scene in Cleveland, I began to build a name for myself as Ezzy…As things progressed, I went to Kent State University for fashion and design…I’ve always been interested in different art forms as a kid, writing comics and books.” It wasn’t until after two semesters when Ezzy realized his breakthrough was coming quicker than he expected outside of trying to go to school.

Ezzy gained the opportunity to do a freestyle on the Sway In The Morning Show, which became pivotal in his career because it lead him to play the role of Boobie in The Land, which is executive produced by one of the hip-hop’s living icons, Nas. The director, who just so happened to be a Cleveland-native, Steven Caples, Jr., saw Ezzy on The Morning Show and thought he would be a good fit for the movie. Ezzy’s mom also thought it would be a great idea to expand his platform as an actor, so he immediately hopped on the opportunity. The Land was Ezzy’s first-ever star role, which was filmed last year and released in July. The movie centers around four inner-city teenagers in Cleveland attempting to pursue their dreams as professional skateboarders and escaping the streets. Boobie is a kid who just wants what’s best for his family and to accomplish his dreams.

Of course, Ezzy got a chance to flex his skills on the movie’s accompanying soundtrack with “Goodbye”, a heartfelt hip-hop classic to the hood. After the filming, Ezzy Walker began to get roles sent to him by an agent consistently, which lead him to the popular show, Empire. Coincidentally, the character he auditioned for was also named Ezzy! The directors and writers began to get to know Ezzy and his personal endeavors, which became part of his character later renamed, Zeah. Just like Zeah, Ezzy often finds himself wanting to go to school, but opportunities continue to present themselves due to his talent. One thing’s for sure: it is your season Ezzy. Bask in it.

Ezzy also talked about how he and Terrence Howard (who is also a Cleveland native) would find themselves in deep discussions about the state of the streets in Cleveland, what’s changing, and much more. The direction of where the writers will go with Zeah is still hidden, even to Ezzy, who goes by his birth name when acting. Aside from acting, he is busy traveling from coast to coast and putting on the finishing touches on his anticipated album. Music is definitely at the forefront of the rising star’s plan, but he doesn’t mind getting his feet wet with modeling and other entertainment avenues that will allow him a full impact on his aspiring career.

Ezzy also has a single called “Ooo Nana” featuring Young Thug and Travis Scott (mastered) by DJ Shocky—which is current, catchy and radio-ready.

Check out Ezzy spitting bars on Sway In The Morning Show:

Soundcloud Feature

Ezzy says, “Stay tuned!” for his forthcoming freshman studio project, movie appearances and much more by following him @everythingezri (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, SoundCloud). The rising star is also on SnapChat @ItsEzzy.

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Written By: Keandra “Ke’Ke” Scott


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