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After an intense four part reunion of the 9th season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, castmate and southernbell star Phadera Parks has reportedly been fired from the hit show due to drug and rape allegation rumors. 
ICYMI last night’s episode part four picked up where it left off. Fellow cast mates Porsha Williams and Kandi Buruss Tucker were going back and forth screaming at each other’s throats over alleged drug and rape rumors that were spreading all throughout the latter of the season. According to Porsha, she revealed in part three of the reunion that ‘someone’ told her that Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker were allegedly planning to ‘drug and rape’ Porsha earlier in the season during filming. We later learned that the someone Porsha was referring to was Phadera Parks.
Here is where the bombshell drops and explodes. Last night on the final episode of the reunion, Once Porsha revealed it was Phadera that told her that, Phadera denied saying it and claims she “heard it” from someone else and just repeated it. Porsha as well as the other castmates were in complete shock and emotions ran wild.

Even though later on in the show Phadrea was apologetic to Porsha and Kandi on her actions and bad judgment, according to TMZ, Bravo Network, TV home of the franchise, felt Phadrea’s allegations were way out of line and decided not to continue working with her. She was informed of her termination of the show in early April.

What are your thoughts about the reunion? Do you think Phadera went to far? Tell us what you think.

 Written by: Tiffany Hercules


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