Entrepreneurs are constantly strategizing on how to get their business to the next level. However, many become puzzled and distracted in the process, ultimately stunting their growth. The good thing is, The Self Publishing Maven, Robin Devonish, has curated an event where all your questions, concerns and ideas can be addressed in one day. Devonish is an author of four books, three of which she self-published. She is a breast cancer survivor, with more than 20 years of experience in the publishing industry. Through her personal struggles, she empowers women through motivational speaking and entrepreneurship.

Self-Publishing Maven, Robin Devonish
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On Saturday April 28, 2018, Devonish held the inaugural Authorpreneur Summit at the Kimpton Hotel in Manhattan, New York. The midday affair took place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and was worth every second! In the spirit of steering authors in the right direction while establishing business relationships through networking, the event opened with introductions from everyone in the audience, to establish a sense of business relativity to all in attendance. Host Jessica Sinclair kept the crowd enthusiastic about what the day entailed, while DJ Noomz entertained with music you couldn’t help but nod your head to. The nuggets of information shared were equivalent to a loan you’d take out for a college course. Being one of few to provide such an extensive panel of entrepreneurs, specifically to guide authors, Devonish exudes how imperative it is to educate yourself.

“If you put in the work, do your due diligence, do your research and work at it daily, you will get the results that you need,” professed Devonish.

With the intent of pushing everyone to the next level, she lectured on the principles of profits, productivity, and possibilities that are endless when the work is done. Through personal revelations from her past, she impacted the crowd while still inspiring by telling attendees that if she can do it, so can they.

Questions to ponder on were: How can I create an author model that supports both personal/professional goals? How much money would I like to make in the next 90-180 days? What is my overall vision? What do I need to embrace spiritually, financially, and mentally to be productive? What do I need to let go of? These questions made everyone think about the core objectives for their businesses.

From L to R: Tray Kearney,Tamika Newhouse,Tiffany Winfrey, Wanda Leftwich, Brian McNeill, Robin Devonish, Squeeky Moore, Tressa Azarel, Monique Young Photo Credit: JournalisticChic

To assist her in the process, the speakers included Attorney Sabine Franco of Franco Law; PR Guru Sabina Hitchen; Author Tamika Newhouse; Comedian/Author Monique Young; Multimedia Mogul Tressa Azarel; Selling Strategist Brian McNeill; Marketing Guru JLove Calderon; International Public Speaker Malena Crawford; Branding Strategist Tiffany Winfrey; Digital Author Wanda Leftwich; Life Coach/Author Tray Kearney, and Pitch Guru Squeeky Moore. With such a variety of speakers everyone’s knowledge overflowed. Marketing yourself was the intended message.

Marketing Guru, J. Calderon
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Marketing Guru J. Calderon encouraged everyone to remember who your audience is and sharing your wisdom, not necessarily selling it. There was emphasis on economic empowerment in the guru’s words as well. She highlighted leveraging your book for sustainability and how having more voices of color at the front of the stage can benefit the community.

“I believe in self determination. Creatives deserve to write AND speak and to serve their purpose because they have a legacy,” confirmed Calderon.

On press, Publicist Sabina Hitchen provided six points as to why publicity matters and should be sought for your business.

1. Visibility – People need to know you exist.
2. Validation – Outside parties should be providing trusted commentary about you.
3. Differentiate – Why should others choose you over everyone else?
4. Expert Status Raised – The public should think of you when they think of the space you’re in.
5. Opportunity – A multitude of opportunity arrives when others are excited about you.
6. Serve – Maintaining consistent publicity serves your purpose in the world.

The attendees also honed in on their thoughts about the event and entrepreneurship:

“We have to push through and focus on ourselves and make the dream reality. Take it to the next level,” said Julieann Allen, NJ Accountant and Author.

“Identify what you’re gifted at. Identify your skills, gifts, and talent that you gained as a result of something you went through in life, because that will connect you with your WHY,” acknowledged, Lisa Santiago, empowerment, publishing and multimedia coach.

Selling Strategist, Brian McNeill
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Strategic selling was another lesson taught at the event. Brian McNeill questioned the audience and emphasized listening as one of the most important components of selling your brand. He encouraged the masses to provide a solution to a problem as the focal point of the services you offer. Using emotional words when speaking of your brand was noted, specifically the word, love.

“Describing doesn’t sell your business. The money is in your story,” said McNeill.

With love present in the air, Life Coach Tray Kearney gave her idea of healing women and men from the harmful effects of infidelity. She explained the process of having a purposeful movement, while marrying various steps to your action plan.

Life Coach/Author, Tray Kearney Photo Credit: JournalisticChic

“There is no movement, if it’s not moving,” recited Kearney.

All of the relationship building in the room evoked the realization that surrounding yourself with likeminded, knowledgeable individuals can not only open doors for you, but can lead to learning new thins and establishing lasting relationships.

The Authorpreneur Summit definitely took us to the next level and we’re looking forward to the next one! Will you be there?

For more information on the Self-Publishing Maven, visit www.RobineDevonish.com.


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